They’re big and round and all around
Universally beloved, they’re the toast of the town
And when she puts them on display
No mortal man can look away
They all would like a peek inside
The depths of Robin’s Great Divide
Her wondrous cleavage you’ll agree
Is worthy of a jubilee
One cannot blame her if she brags
About those two splendid fun bags
Who wouldn’t want to scale those mountains?
And suckle at those twin milk fountains?
And her nipplage is the stuff of dreams
Especially when flashing twin high beams
Her melons play to rave reviews
They really love her honeydews
A man can’t call his life complete
Until he’s seen her sweater meat
And here’s the juiciest of factoids:
Hungry babies crave her lactoids
But those infants will soon be bumming
As there will be no milk forthcoming
They’ll be no pumping forth of moo juice
They’re meant only to entice, seduce
Of course now, that is not to say
That some might freely suck away
I think that many men would pray
To switch with Erik for a day
I think we’re in unanimity
To be in close proximity
I hope that you’ve enjoyed my story
Of my friend Robin’s Breasts of Glory

Mr. Fabulous

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