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0 Thoughts on “One on One: Gwen Spacey

  1. The post keeps disappearing and reappearing randomly. I have a headache now.

    Now she’s after Kevin, too? She is the most prolific stalker I have ever heard of…

    Mr. Fabulous’s last blog post..Because Americana is my middle name

  2. I love the new smiley!

    Avitable’s last blog post..This is all I’ve got for today

  3. Glad you two enjoyed the complex conversation :mrfab: :avi:

  4. Glad you found someone to assist your stalking! That is wonderful!

    themuttprincess’s last blog post..A bunch of random weekend stuff:

  5. Hells yeah, bitches! Gwen in da haus! That was awesome Robin, and I love how quickly it turned in to a discussion about Kevin. I also love that you managed to make me look completely crazy with that picture of me… hahahaha

    Gwen’s last blog post..Allow Me To Explain

  6. Almost forgot… :reaper:

    Gwen’s last blog post..Allow Me To Explain

  7. TMP – I know, good co-stalkers are hard to find these days.

    Gwen – I think it was the icing on the crazy cake. Oh and your smilie is :gwen: not :reaper:

  8. Swimming With Sharks was an excellent movie. How you can call yourself a fan and not have seen it is beyond me.

    And while we’re on the topic of Spacey fans, me thinks he might appreciate a down to Earth stalking these days. After all, it helps to know people still remember.

  9. Gah! It hates me!

    Gwen’s last blog post..Allow Me To Explain

  10. Janet – I think you might be right…stalking is on!

    Gwen – What are you doing :gwen:

  11. I love these interviews that you do. I’ve never visited Gwen’s blog, but now I must do so.

    Angel’s last blog post..Pay It Forward

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