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0 Thoughts on “Why They Call Me A Bitch

  1. This little comment thing is weird. I’m playing around with it, so don’t worry that you’re actually getting bad votes. :avi:

  2. I don’t take it toooo seriously, it’s just a fun new little toy.

  3. 1. What would you do if your ex just showed up at your house right now?
    Oh, he knows better. He wont. And even if he did I wouldnt open the door
    2. What describes your relationship status?
    Oh Lord….In a committed, relationship that leaves me wondering everyday. I hate it.

    3. Where are you?
    Physically? On the couch under a gigantic blanket. Mentally? somewhere far away free from the neighbor’s barking rat looking dog. Emotionally? hanging upside down from a chandalier.

    4. Have you ever been called a bitch?
    Even better. I was labeled as Female chauvinistic pig by one reader. I LOVED it.

    5. Would you do anything for someone else?
    Depends on who this someone else is and how huge his penis is.

    6. What is your favorite animal?
    hmmmmmmmmmmmm the question is do I have to pick up their poo?

    7. Who have you thought about most today?
    Oh God, my ex, the boy I’m dating and my daughter.

    8. Are you a bad influence?
    Of course.

    9. Color of your underwear?
    None…….I like it that way

    10. Honestly, what would you rather be doing right now?
    going back to bed and having a man serve me breakfast in bed. And after he was done I would want him to make mad passionate love to me. And after that, I would expect him to was the dirty dishes and leave my house.

  4. The new little button thingy had me freaked out. I didn’t get them at first because I am retardish, but I figured it out and now I think they are so cool! A great addition to your already wonderful sight.
    And seriously, no need to keep teasing/flirting about the lesbian thing. You know I am here for anything you need… anything.

  5. When u come to Cali you can explore your lesbian side a lil more (hint hint) lol

  6. MistressM – #10 you might be able to rent a guy to do that. Erik comes at a good price.

    Swizzle – I’m only confusing you to make you vulnerable so I can take advantage of you.

    HeatherB – You are such a good friend :robin:

  7. I’d like to hear more about no underwear, please…

  8. See, sometimes you put pants on…without underwear. It’s very hard to explain.

  9. Your Kevin? Your Kevin!? Maybe in your dreams, because as discussed previously he is My Kevin.

  10. Oh thems fightin words :gemini:

  11. Bring it on babe. I’m sure we can get Fab to ref this shit.

  12. He better not bring whip cream like the last time.

  13. You can wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which gets filled up first.

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