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0 Thoughts on “You Have One Month

  1. aquarians rock… that is all!

  2. Sorry to burst your bubble but while I am on the cusp I am a pisces and proud 😀

  3. Pisces RULE!!!!!!

    My b-day is soon too..but I’ll only be EIGHT!!!!!

  4. So what if I was going to send you something not on your Amazon list?

  5. Pisces DO rule!

    Damn, there IS a stripper pole…

  6. Megan – You look like a very mature 8!

    Gwen – I take all donations :thumbsup:

    Fab – PISCES!! PISCES!! Yep, I’ve wanted one since I was a little girl…I’ll be having a pole dancing class at my bachelorette party or that’s the plan.

  7. So do we dare ask what # is it? My next significant one is the big 40. But I have a few years before I freak out about it. lol

  8. *cough*thirty*cough*

  9. I was looking more for a place to send it, since Amazon won’t give it to me for security reasons.

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