• http://beautifuldance.net Laci

    I like Frozen Bubbles, Paw Prints and Autumn Reflection… but they’re all awesome! You’re very talented Miss Robin. :)

  • J.

    Only THREE?
    How the hell do I do that??? They’re all awesome.
    Okay, I would go with FHole, Aged Angel and Alleyway, because they seem to be themed together, y’know?
    Nice work!!!

  • http://www.themuttprincess.com themuttprincess

    I like

    Soggy Leaf
    Froze Bubbles
    The Lake Sunset

    (but just for the record they are ALL amazing!!!)

  • cheri

    My 3 don’t coordinate well together but they are still my fav….
    Autum is coming
    Frozen bubbles

  • cheri

    Hey robin what if we wanted to buy a print? Can we?

  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    You guys are so so helpful, thank you a billion.

    Cheri – Are you shitting Bog Sageting me?

  • http://amandainreallife.blogspot.com Amanda

    I like Frozen Bubbles, The Lake Sunset, and Autumn is Coming in particular.

  • Katie

    These are great!

    My favs are frozen bubbles, ready for my closeup and autumn reflection, but my runners up (if that’s allowed) are snacking, bittersweet and the tunnel.

    I think it would be coolest if you can find 3 that go together, like all outdoorsy, all fall, etc, but my picks probably don’t help with that.


  • http://www.heathersblog.com Heather B

    I would have to say

    F Hole, The Tunnel and Bittersweet even though they dont really go together

    but honestly i like them all

  • Megan

    I like the:

    frozen bubbles
    Paw prints

    they are all freakin rad!

  • http://www.gemini.roadlessunraveled.com/ Gemini

    I like the doc, paw prints and frozen bubbles.

    but you know that I am your second biggest fan… only second to Erik…

  • http://toriblaine.wordpress.com Tori

    dock of the bay
    soggy leaf

    … and my 3rd choice is one i’ve seen before, it was of a stream/creek… but you don’t have it here…. (or am I making that up?)

  • http://toriblaine.wordpress.com Tori

    oh… and if i did make it up i like bittersweet…

  • Liz

    I’m a new reader, love your stuff!!

    I like the combination of F-hole, bittersweet and soggy leaf. Although I might be biased since I’m a string teacher who grew up in the northeast and after moving misses the fall leaves….

    And actually do you sell prints? F- hole would go really well in my teaching studio.

  • http://pointless-drivel.com Mr. Fabulous

    I like The Tunnel andAged Angel the best. Third choice would be Wakefield Lake.

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