• http://www.theabsurdist.net The Absurdist

    Great video. I actually had to rewind when he was sitting in his chair to see what it was between his legs. I realized it was a beer, but that’s not what I thought it was the first time.

  • http://pointless-drivel.com Mr. Fabulous

    I loved the radio show. Erik’s belching was a thing of beauty!

  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    The Absurdist - I think it’s about the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. Especially the “All you ever do is stay at home and play with your tits and look at your ass the same time” I can’t stop laughing everytime I see that :lmao:

    Fab - He upstaged me, I can burp so much better. BOB SAGET!!! :fu:

  • http://www.themuttprincess.com themuttprincess

    I will be listening to the show and watching the clip when I get home. My computer here is SLLLLOOOOOW. And I have no patiences.

    I bet it was great though!!!

  • http://ponderthisponder.blogspot.com/ Preposterous Ponderings

    Ha ha ha ha that clip was funny as hell!

    I peed my pants a little watching it.

  • http://www.taralynnjohnson.com/news.html Tara

    He loves Hello Kitty? He gets more perfect the more I hear about him.



  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    TMP - Well let me know!

    Prep - I know, me too. I could watch it over and over again.

    Tara - I know, he’s a gem. Like the tv show, he’s very sparkly.

  • http://www.gemini.roadlessunraveled.com/ Gemini

    Accually Robin… It is Jem… cause he is Truly outragous! :rock:

  • Megan

    Are you sure you are not a bridezilla???? HEE HEE!!!

  • cheri

    I haven’t been able to listen to your show completely through yet. Yesterday I kept getting interupted – damn work. lol I will get back to it though! I really like this idea and look forward to more shows!

  • http://naivemelody.blogsome.com Maureen Navadomskis

    Listened to some of the show this morning (no time to listen to the whole hour, yet). You guys are goofy :D

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