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0 Thoughts on “Bob Saget We Kicked Ass

  1. Great video. I actually had to rewind when he was sitting in his chair to see what it was between his legs. I realized it was a beer, but that’s not what I thought it was the first time.

  2. I loved the radio show. Erik’s belching was a thing of beauty!

  3. The Absurdist – I think it’s about the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. Especially the “All you ever do is stay at home and play with your tits and look at your ass the same time” I can’t stop laughing everytime I see that :lmao:

    Fab – He upstaged me, I can burp so much better. BOB SAGET!!! :fu:

  4. I will be listening to the show and watching the clip when I get home. My computer here is SLLLLOOOOOW. And I have no patiences.

    I bet it was great though!!!

  5. Ha ha ha ha that clip was funny as hell!

    I peed my pants a little watching it.

  6. He loves Hello Kitty? He gets more perfect the more I hear about him.



  7. TMP – Well let me know!

    Prep – I know, me too. I could watch it over and over again.

    Tara – I know, he’s a gem. Like the tv show, he’s very sparkly.

  8. Accually Robin… It is Jem… cause he is Truly outragous! :rock:

  9. Are you sure you are not a bridezilla???? HEE HEE!!!

  10. I haven’t been able to listen to your show completely through yet. Yesterday I kept getting interupted – damn work. lol I will get back to it though! I really like this idea and look forward to more shows!

  11. Listened to some of the show this morning (no time to listen to the whole hour, yet). You guys are goofy 😀

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