This is a tough list to do as some things were more questionable because of the age I was at the time and I also may have blocked some out. I got this idea from a thread on a forum recently.

I wrote this a while back and I realized there was one I conveniently left out but since it involved another friend of mine I will take that one to my grave.

5. A house party while parents were away, way too much alcohol and someone using my closet as a place to relieve them self.
4. Causing an accident and running (never got caught).
3. Breaking up with a boy so I could hookup with another boy that night.
2. A handicapped bathroom and too much to drink.
1. A club in Tampa, a mysterious girl and no alcohol.

  • Mr. Fabulous

    Nice slutty past you have there…

  • Robin

    You are the slut Mr. Toe Sucker :tongue:

  • Avitable

    I was that mysterious girl in Tampa!

  • Megan

    VERY NICE stuff!!!

    Man I could add to that list too!!!

  • themuttprincess

    Heh. Your past sounds a bit like mine, except not so much alcohol… Just some dirty, dirty memories….

  • Robin

    Avi - That explains a lot…

    Megan - Hey…our crazy pasts are what make us interesting.

    TMP - Imagine how crazy it would have been if alcohol was included :wink:

  • cheri

    We should hang out :-) I’ve done 3 of those 5. Had the party but no one relieved themselves like that – they knew I’d kill them if they did :-)

  • Jen

    Compared to you, I’m a goodie-two shoes! :thumbsup:

  • Manda

    you know, I’ll never understand why drunk people piss all over stuff. I don’t do it when I’m drunk, but then again, it’s hard to aim when you have to squat. who knows.

  • Robin

    Cheri - :devil: :thumbsup:

    Jen - I should have known :angel:

    Manda - Uhrmmm…it wasn’t pee :duh:

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