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0 Thoughts on “Cupcake Opinions

  1. bluepaintred on December 20, 2007 at 1:16 pm said:

    okie dokie. ‘all registered and logged in, I was now able to vote in the poll annnnd I have to divorce him cus I want a cake like that but they are for weddings and you cannot have a wedding if you are already married!


  2. Well you could have an anniversary party. Do a cupcake tree like this for your 10th or 15th or whatever next big anniversary is on the horizon.


    Do it DO IT DO IT!!!

  4. Why do you think it’s weird Slick? I’m just curious.

  5. I like it, in most cases no body really wants a big piece of cake anyhow

  6. I think if they’re nicely decorated it’s the BEST IDEA EVER…

    although… i have seen some homemade cupcake displays that look like a 3rd grade class did the decorating… and that was not so nice…

    keep it classy & it’ll be great!

  7. You guys rock, I’ll be seriously bummed if I can’t do the cupcakes.

  8. Hey

    Sorry that I have been MIA…

    you know my thoughts on the Cupcakes… I think that it is a neat idea… And they are right no one wants a big peice of cake anyway they are going to be drinking beer and stuff… that doesn’t usually go well with a honkin peice of cake…


  9. We’ve all been to dozens of weddings, where everything’s the same – they’re interchangeable. And, sure, tradition & rituals are nice, they make us feel safe & comfortable, but when it comes down to it, it’s a party celebrating a union – why does it have to be the same every time?

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