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0 Thoughts on “Top 5 Breakup Songs

  1. I guess I have been lucky, in that I have not experienced much in the way of heartbreak. Good or bad, I usually have been the one to end a relationship. Rather than heartbreak, usually I experienced kind of a thoughtfulness tinged perhaps with regret and/or wistfulness.

    Toward that end, I have always been partial to Wham’s Careless Whisper.

    And for some reason, this post puts me in mind of Billy Falcon’s Die Twice, which is not a breakup song, but rather a song about a man who had been dumped and is now trying to resist his ex’s attempts for a reconciliation:

    No I never knew love better
    Than the love we made together
    I probably never will
    So let that be my curse

  2. Wow…that was a much more verbose comment than I usually leave.

  3. I know this is going to surprise you:


    I love the Alanis song. Bitterness bring me home!!!!

  4. Melissa Etheridge has a version of The Weakness in Me. It’s not as good as Joans’ but still very awesome in it’s own right. I am going to the Alanis concert at the Palms in Vegas next March! Bring on the angst!

  5. I know almost all those songs – great choices. Don’t Speak was my favorite song for a year – played it so much no one wanted to drive with me and year it again and again. lol

  6. OMG I LOVE Bonnie’s song: that’s the one I belt to when breaking up!!! Or just for the hell of it in the car…

  7. Mr. Fab – I enjoyed that…it was almost like a multiple orgasm but less sweaty. I shoulda known you were a heartbreaker :eyebrow:

    TMP – I think that’s the one thing that 95% of the time brings women together…most of us know bitterness oh too well.

    Sandi – Oh I’m a huge Etheridge fan and I know that version but the original is definitely better.

    Cheri – That song actually reminds me painfully of a breakup that quite possibly changed me forever. In fact, I remember hearing the song in my head as he was breaking up with me. To this day I have no idea what he actually said to me.

    DutchBitch – Me and my girls in college when we’d go for car rides used to love singing so loudly to that song :yawn:

  8. I love all of those songs in an outrageously hardcore manner.

  9. I hear ya on that one!

  10. One I always think of is “i can’t make you love me” written by prince performed by Bonnie Raitt

  11. That song had crossed my mind…definitely in the top 10.

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