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0 Thoughts on “Scrooge in the House

  1. Getting in the mood for the big Anti-Christmas show I see! :mrfab:

    On last night’s show we talked about it a little. I may do it drunk. Wear a hard hat.

  2. Maureen Navadomskis on December 3, 2007 at 9:40 am said:

    Some of those are some of my favorite things about the Holiday Season!

    In fact, what I’m hoping to do one of these years, is pepper our front lawn with Holiday symbols from all religions & cultures celebrating something this month. I’d love to have a nativity scene, with a Star of David above it & snowmen & santa cavorting around in the snow beside it, while a yule log crackles nearby to keep them all warm 😀

    Hope you weather it OK. I see it flying by way too fast, again – even with our extended Holiday season, due to the early Thanksgiving.

  3. Mr. Fab – Yep…it’s that time of year again for sure.

    Maureen – I’m so glad, at this for the next month, I don’t live next door to you :what:

  4. There ought to be a club for us holiday hater people. Fab should pick a name out that’s appropriate.

  5. We decorated last night, but I am a bit yucky too…I just don’t want to have to undecorate!! Plus I have 1 million things to do!!!

    Snap out of it lady, this is your last x-mas as an unmarried girl hee hee!!!

  6. And when do I stop being a virgin?????

  7. We don’t decorate the outside of our house, because I’d fall off of the roof trying, and my husband is Mr. Scrooge. :lmao:

    You can get holiday cheer from thinking about idiots like me rolling off of the roof while trying to decorate. :lmao:

  8. blueyes – Well I know there is an anti-christmas site I used to visit, the girl who runs it used to comment here.

    Megan – At 50 comments…sorry 🙁

    Angel – I will, that helps. You are such a good friend :lmao:

  9. 50….then do I jump to SLUT 😉 Love it

  10. Nope, you don’t get to slut for a while…

  11. I love making X-mas decorations & ornaments… but do NOT put them up at my house… the only thing my house gets is Lights (white, rice lights… itty-bitty twinkly ones)… Candles… and sometimes some greenery….

    once every few years I’ll do a tree… and even then I hate decorating it….

    you are not alone, my friend….

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