Are you giving kids tricks or treats?  If treats, what are you giving them?

We saw they had a bag of Playdough tubs available at Target so we got those, that way we don’t eat the candy and I think kids get more than enough candy from everyone else.

Usually we only get a couple kids anyway…we live in a cul-de-sac :dunno:

  • themuttprincess

    Treats. Lots and lots of teeth rotting goodies.

    I imagine we will get tons of kids…. As we have several in our neighborbood.

  • Avitable

    You’re giving Play-Doh? You guys suck!

  • Angel

    We are giving Reese’s cups, Snickers, Milky Way’s, Nerds, Starburst, Skittles, and Three Muskateers.

  • Robin


    Avi - Well good thing you aren’t coming to our house. At least it isn’t raisins.

    Angel - Now that’s a smorgasboard of goodies!!

  • Maureen

    My kids got some of those play-dough tubs! They love them!

    The video store up the street from us went out of business a couple weeks ago. They were selling candy bars for 7 cents each. We got a hundred of them & gave those out, along with some glow-sticks that I got from e-Bay for $10 and some halloween tattoos left over from previous years. It was fun!

  • Slick

    lol…I’ll agree with ya Robin. Raisins are probably the worst!

    At least you gave some something….I was a scrooge.

  • Slick


    What do I have to do? masturbate while reading your site????

  • Robin

    Maureen - I like that there is a new option. I hate just doing what you’re supposed to do…I like doing something different.

    Slick - I doubt the kids even eat the raisins. Sorry…you are a long way away. You need to get to 50 comments.

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