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23 Thoughts on “Playing Dress Up

  1. are you going as …. a back hoe?

  2. I really have no clue.

    Please God I hope whatever it is you two aren’t going dressed somehow alike.

    As to the texts we exchanged this morning…I, um…I’m gonna need Erik’s cell number….

  3. Why no quotes anymore? How will I know how to live my life?

    Maybe I can give you some of my quotes and you can start running those.

    Wait a minute…I should run them myself.

    Gosh, I seem to be having an internal dialog with myself and urping it up all over your comment section.

    Sorry about that.

  4. BPR – Not quite…

    Mr. Fab – What do you mean by “alike” exactly? I haven’t done quotes lately because I wasn’t sure if they were a little too much, I might bring them back or just do them when I see a really good one. You need his text? I don’t know if I trust you…he’s quite fragile.

  5. You’re going to go as each other.

    And you should come to my party instead.

  6. Raggedy Ann and Andy?

    Bride and groom?


    The Wonder Twins?

    Batman and Robin?

    Bert and Ernie?

  7. LOL! I would, you know I would…if we could. Am I Dr. Seuss?

  8. Sonny and Cher?

    Two porn stars would probably be a good idea?

  9. Not even a little hint?

  10. A pimp and a ho?

  11. Slick – Erik is a lot taller than me so we’d have to switch gender roles for Sonny and Cher.

    Heather Anne – Ok I’ll post a hint.

    Angel – You guys are so dirty :crazy:

  12. A famous couple?

  13. Mickey and minnie mouse?

  14. Popeye and Olive Oil???

  15. Yogi and Boo Boo?

  16. Angel – Famous characters I’d say.

    BPR – I’m not Heather.

    Brenna – With my boobs? :robin:

    Angel – Good try.

  17. I would have to guess that I got all my guesses wrong.

    I hope you post a hint. It would make guessing a tad bit easier……

  18. I already posted hint :nana:

  19. Roger Rabbit and Jessica?

  20. Although I like the Roger Rabbit and Jessica idea, um, no.
    oh, and I’M NOT THAT FRAGILE! Sensitive, but not fragile… so quote away biatch!

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  22. The Adams Family?

  23. Erik – Ok, if you say so.

    Angel – It’s funny you say that. Gomez and Morticia is who I wanted to dress as for YEARS but maybe next year if I lose some weight. It’s a complicated costume.

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