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15 Thoughts on “Drunk IMing Avitable

  1. LOL, there was no clue you were drunk anywhere! Seriously! I could be like that… and send pics and shit… Haven’t drunk that much for a while now though…

    So did he ever get it?

  2. I meant to put IMing…am I drunk now?

    He comes into the conversation with myself about 1/2 way through.

  3. Txting Iming… whatever… LOL

  4. Did you do a find and replace with “me” for “Robin”?

    Because if you read that, half of it doesn’t make sense, especially when I say “some” and it says “soRobin”.

  5. Dutchbitch – :nana:

    Avi – Crap…that’s what I get for rushing this morning.

  6. Ok, I think I fixed it.

  7. My text chats aren’t near as much fun – maybe I need to start drinkin :coffee:

  8. Yeah, a bit too much alcholo. Mmm hmmm.

    Here. :coffee:

  9. My text chats aren’t near as much fun – maybe I need to start drinkin :martini:

  10. Damn computer – sorry for the duplicate 🙂

  11. I would never have guessed you were drunk. Never.


  12. Hahaha. I think everyone drunk IMs with Avi! When are you and I going to drunk IM?

  13. Haha
    I wonder what kind of pic you send…

  14. I remember that night!

  15. Cheri – That’s always my recommendation…when in doubt just drink.

    Tara – When you can’t spell alcohol you know you’re in trouble.

    TMP – I hide it well, I know.

    Heather – We should set a date.

    Mr. Fab – You are always on my list to contact when drunk, you should feel privileged.

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