This was from an IM conversation from a while ago, I was waiting for Avitable to post it but he’s too busy playing with himself so I’ll do it.

Robin: I am fine
No, seriously
I am NOT drunk
Maybe buzzed, but only a little
and I’m not going to show my boobs…much
At least not to you
Ok maybe….
I’ll have to think about it
or have another drink
What is on tv?
I’m not buying it
I don’t care what they are doing
Fuck you
And the donkey you rode in on
You are a whore
A little whore and you give it away for free
Ok you give it away for a sandwhich
Or a sundae
maybe just a marachino cherry
Whatever, fine…be like that
You are not fun
funny i mean
Poop head
I don’t care what you think
I’m gonna take you down and make you pay
for my beer
I need to lay down
Avi: who’s a bitch? Me?
Robin: Yes, you are a bitch…bitch
Avi: why’s that?
you been drinking?
Avi: you should get on a webcam and show me how drunk you are
Robin: i’ve already sent pics to fab, heather and heather
from my phone
Avi: where are my pics????
jeez. I feel left out.
Robin: i didn’t have your cell
Avi: [his cell]
i see how it is.
Robin: i left them drunk vms too
Avi: hahahah
you were hanging out with Gemini?
Robin: not anymore
Avi: what did you drink?
Robin: 3 martinis
now a beer
Avi: very nice
Robin: I’m not an easy drunk
not too easy
Avi: no?
Robin: i try not to be but it happens sometimes
Avi: c’mon – aren’t you always easy?
Robin: well…..
Avi: hahah
Robin: alcholo makes things easier
Avi: yup
Robin: some things harder
sometimes the things that are harder are good but some are not
Avi: hehe
what’s a good harder thing?
Robin: hmmmmmmm
Avi: your penis gets harder when you drink?
Robin: sometimes
but after too many it goes away
Avi: hahahah
Robin: i could write a book
Avi: i’m sure!
Robin: it would be called….
The ARt of the Drunken Dial
Avi: hehe
then, you could do the art of the blowjob after that
Robin: YES
Avi: i’m waiting for you to text me and send me some pics
Robin: that’s what i said
i’m gonna
i swear
Avi: yeah, yeah
Robin: liar liar pants on fire
Avi: that’s the best you got?
Robin: nooooo
i’m with company
Avi: hahahaha
Robin: i sent you something to that number
Avi: you sure?
Robin: um
i think
Avi: i think you sent it to the wrong number
nice going
Robin: crap!
well that’s not good
it’s the right number, i can’t count
can count
i sent a picture
Avi: hm
well, maybe it will eventually get here
usually my texts arrive instantaneously
Robin: sent a text
Avi: well, i got that!
Robin: 😛
Avi: hehe

15 Thoughts on “Drunk IMing Avitable

  1. LOL, there was no clue you were drunk anywhere! Seriously! I could be like that… and send pics and shit… Haven’t drunk that much for a while now though…

    So did he ever get it?

  2. I meant to put IMing…am I drunk now?

    He comes into the conversation with myself about 1/2 way through.

  3. Txting Iming… whatever… LOL

  4. Did you do a find and replace with “me” for “Robin”?

    Because if you read that, half of it doesn’t make sense, especially when I say “some” and it says “soRobin”.

  5. Dutchbitch – :nana:

    Avi – Crap…that’s what I get for rushing this morning.

  6. Ok, I think I fixed it.

  7. My text chats aren’t near as much fun – maybe I need to start drinkin :coffee:

  8. Yeah, a bit too much alcholo. Mmm hmmm.

    Here. :coffee:

  9. My text chats aren’t near as much fun – maybe I need to start drinkin :martini:

  10. Damn computer – sorry for the duplicate 🙂

  11. I would never have guessed you were drunk. Never.


  12. Hahaha. I think everyone drunk IMs with Avi! When are you and I going to drunk IM?

  13. Haha
    I wonder what kind of pic you send…

  14. I remember that night!

  15. Cheri – That’s always my recommendation…when in doubt just drink.

    Tara – When you can’t spell alcohol you know you’re in trouble.

    TMP – I hide it well, I know.

    Heather – We should set a date.

    Mr. Fab – You are always on my list to contact when drunk, you should feel privileged.

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