I’ll be back with a full post tomorrow but Maine was exactly what we needed. So relaxing and I had no idea I could have so much enjoyment without my computer or a tv. Now I just have to convince my parents they need to get their own vacation home so I can vacation for free more often.

Here is a slideshow, it’s also on Crackbook. Enjoy:

9 Thoughts on “Back and Refreshed

  1. Wow. It looks VERY beautiful!

    And relaxing.

    Hopefully you can get your parents to do that. That would rock!!!

  2. Sweet pix, girl.

    If you convince them can I come use it?? 😀

  3. Oh and hey — glad you had a good time!

  4. Looks beautiful. So next time, don’t you think you need a butler or something? I’ll send my resume.

  5. I am jealous. 30 years in Massachusetts and I never visited Maine.

  6. TMP – Except now my dad talks about buying our house when we move…but I want them to get a house in Vermont or something.

    Tracy – Next time…you are more than welcome!!

    Terry – sure! We were using Erik as the maid/buttler but sure!

    Mr. Fab – Were you living under a rock?

  7. Well, I spent a lot of time in New Hampshire and Vermont. i figured it was pretty much the same thing.

  8. I live in Maine. Where in Maine did you go?

    that is a great house!

  9. Mr. Fab – Yeah, pretty much.

    Nancy – Kittery.

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