Mr. Fab Dressed UpSo I interviewed Mr. Fabulous this time but by texting and it didn’t really work as well as I’d hoped. I’ll have to interview him again sometime.

First round of questions from 2 weeks ago when I mistakingly thought he was drinking:

Robin:Where is your favorite place to go solo?
Fab: You mean just to go out and be by myself?
Robin: No, to pet your monster.
Fab: :lmao: I like the bedroom when I am running thoughts through my head, and I like my easy chair when I am reading dirty stories on the computer.
Robin: What song makes you cry?
Fab: Where are these questions coming from?
Robin: My twisted brain.
Fab: Is this that interview? I thought that was next weekend when I am drunk :lmao: A song that makes me cry is The Walk by Sawyer Brown. It’s about a man having to put his dad in a home, and it reminds me that I may have to face that decision one day with my own dad, who is 79.
Robin: Oops.
[Realizing I was a week early I decided to go back to the party I was at.]

Robin: Whenever we meet what is the first thing you’ll say to me?
Fab: Nice to finally meet the three of you.
Robin: How do you cure hiccups?
Fab: I always make myself throw up. It seriously works.
Robin: You are gross. How old were you when you got your first boner?
Fab: Oh! It’s question time! I can’t remember that. Is that something guys usually remember?
Robin: I don’t know, Erik does. Maybe that’s just an Erik thing.
Fab: Maybe he has them so rarely that the moments stand out 😀
Robin: That’s definitely not true (sigh) Anyway, what do you want it to say on your gravestone?
Fab: I plan to be cremated and my ashes scattered within your cleavage :robin:
Robin: That’s sexy. If I gave you a molding of my boobs what would you do with it?
[When I lost him in the conversation or maybe he just passed out in imagining it]

8 Thoughts on “One on One: Mr. Fab Uncovered

  1. I never got the boob mold question! I wondered what happened to you. I thought it was strange that it ended the way it did.

    When we meet, CAN we make a mold of your boobs?

  2. By the way, love the cartoon of me! You are a woman of many talents!

  3. I think he got so involved in the picturing of the boobs he couldn’t see straight to text anymore

  4. Now you have to catch him when he is drunk.

    THAT would be funny!

  5. I was hoping this would prove that my blog fiance is really just a normal guy… Stupid me..

  6. Hm. What a rousing interview! :avi:

  7. Mr. Fab – Well, since I do a mold of my boobs with all people I just meet of course. Thanks…maybe I should add that to my resume.

    BPR – That’s my guess.

    TMP – Or when we’re both drunk, if I was better at texting and drinking I might have done that Saturday night.

    Dutch Bitch – Sorry to disappoint you, we all keep hoping for a little bit of normal from him.

    Avi – I was thinking I might post our one IM conversation soon since you never did.

  8. You could do that. I don’t know what happened to the one I had saved.

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