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11 Thoughts on “A Boy, A Girl and a Gnome

  1. those are awesome photographs!!! I think my favorite is the shadowy one by the lake and you’re kissing each other.

  2. That’s my favorite too :heart:

  3. This is the first I’ve seen of the kissing one. That’s beautiful. I would frame that and hang it up. Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Oh, so beautiful! You’ll be looking through those pictures some day together 40 years from now. :heart:

  5. The gallery won’t load for me, but my DSL connection is a bitch lately, so I will try again later. The pictures that you have posted here in this entry look great!! My favorite is the one of the two of you kissing in front of the lake, with my second favorite being the one in which you are holding hands facing each other with the woods in the background.

  6. WOW i really LOVE those photos! They came out so so nice. Not to mention how you have the pop up thing. Cool. ^^

  7. Those are some awesome photos!

    You look so happy!


  8. Glad everyone liked them, I’m so glad we had this opportunity.

  9. Those photographs are fun! I FINALLY made my appointment for my epics to be taken in November. My photographer took forever to get back to me. I’m hoping that’s not a sign of things to come!

  10. That would make me nervous, I have no patience for that but I’m hoping it works out for you.

  11. I like the lake one best too, but they are all good!

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