I offered another chance to ask me some questions on Crackbook and now I shall answer them. Don’t blame me if the questions are a little lacking.

Mr. Fabulous: How tall are you?

5’1 — I’m pretty short. Actually I’m not 5’1 I’m almost 5’1. Stop harassing me!!!

NYC Watchdog: Does Harry Potter know you stole his scarf?

He does because I stole it from him. He’s a pussy and cried like a little girl. He’ll get it back when he stops sniffling and grows some balls.

Heather: If you and I ever met, what do you think we’d do? Like if we had a blog meetup sometime.

Well if it were up to me I’d suggest that we first go out for some drinks and then get dinner. After we were nicely buzzed we’d go catch a movie maybe, if we weren’t too buzzed. Then we’d hit a bar that has a dance floor and drink until we think we dance like Christina Aguilera. When we leave the bar around 2am we’d drunk dial Mr. Fab and declair our undying love and loyalty. We’d wake up in the morning in only underwear and not remember what we did the night before.

Shelli: Why is the sky blue and the grass green?

Because red grass and a turquoise sky wouldn’t have matched. It’s all about color coordination.

Gemini: What first drew you to the actor Kevin Spacey? He isn’t good looking (in a conventional way) and He has only been in few movies? (Good movies though, but still not a lot of “Block Busters”)

I think it’s something in his presence that drew me in. The first time I saw him in a movie was The Ref and I thought he was hysterical but at the time I didn’t really get attached. Then my friend (Jusy) suggested I watch the movie The Usual Suspects and when the movie was over I knew I’d just watched a genius at work. He had this smoothness to him but at the same time a vulnerability. He was like beautiful blank pallet but with so much definition. I just couldn’t take my eyes off of him. But then I’ve never liked the typical good looking guy, the popular guy. I like a guy with flaws and layers. I want to always be surprised and intrigued.

Tracy: When do we get the answers to all these questions?? Huh huh?? Later?? When’s later??? That’s FOUR more questions for you to answer! Happy now?? (make that FIVE!!!)

You get the answers right now, talk about impatient. Yes, now. Not later, right this moment. Later as in this very minute. I am happy now, are you? 😉

Ask more question here if you want!

Oh and here is a nice shot I got on my commute this morning:

19 Thoughts on “Why The Sky Is Blue

  1. I guess I should be on facebook more to get to participate in all the shenanigans.

  2. It’s all about the shenanigans…that should be Facebook’s tagline.

  3. I’m always happy!! Aren’t you?

    I love the photo!!

  4. OMG! It says I’m a virgin!! I pinkpuffyheart you, Robin!! How did you know?? I sure feel like one again since the husband is gone so much. It’s like the first time everytime….

  5. Holy crap…that is an AWESOME tagline for Facebook.

    First you came up with the polygamist one for me, and now one for Facebook…you should totally do a post where you offer to come up with taglines for people. You’re a natural.

  6. I had no idea you were that short.

    I love the pic. Very nice!

  7. Beautiful picture! I’d never get any work done if I logged into Facebook everyday. As it is I can’t keep up with reading the blogs I want to every day. Yikes!
    I have no internet at home you see – which is a good thing – I’d be a terrible Mom if I did. 🙁

  8. Tracy – Not always and you can move up to other levels the more you post here.

    Mr. Fab
    – You’ve inspired me…I may give that a try!

    TMP – Are you going to pick on me now?

    Cheri – I could probably do with less internet access.

  9. I don’t want to move up. I wanna be a virgin forever. How many comments until I move up??

    Oh and I registered yesterday and when I went to change my password from the stupid one WP gave me it says “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” So yeah… how do I change my password????

  10. OMG! And now i”m not on the sidebar with comments. Hmmm, I’m hurt.

  11. And where did my avatar go?? Now that I’m logged in (with my pathetic WP password) it’s gone…

  12. I see you on the sidebar and I just updated your level so you should be able to have better access. Your gravatar should update…just hold onto your undies.

  13. Wow. You’re quick. Don’t you ever sleep?

    Oh and what are undies? I don’t have those… what else can I hold onto?? 😀

  14. I’m looking for audiobooks so I can go for a walk. Ummmm…your bra?

  15. Too early in the morning for a bra around here! 😀

    Um, I uploaded my avatar and it isn’t showing up… I’m going to start crying soon… it’s my favorite pic… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

  16. Sometimes gravatar.com is a pain in the butt…it’ll come around. I don’t have a bra or undies on either.

  17. You’re going for a walk like that? Geez… think of the small children. Oh wait. You’re short, they’ll think you’re one of them! LOL!!! Sorry. that was mean. I’s sorry….

  18. I should have never told you guys my height :tongue:

  19. “Because red grass and a turquoise sky wouldn’t have matched. It’s all about color coordination.” lol best answer I’ve ever heard.

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