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19 Thoughts on “One on One: Drunk Blogger

  1. Look at that…my two very favorite bloggers together, plus some pimp love for me.


    I’m so happy…

  2. And what praytell would be IN Love Profusion???

    I need sumthin sumthin to send me over the edge this weekend.

  3. That’s a fun idea. I can’t wait to read more interviews.

  4. NYCWD – I don’t know. Hpnotiq and something else. I’ll work on that. Come to Ohio this weekend and I’ll buy you a Hpnotiq margarita. That will do it. 😀

  5. I often thought of asking someone to interview me for my blog too just for fun. Ohh I could only imagine the results if they did it while I had been drinking…

  6. That is a great idea.

    Interviewing via IM. Genius!

    Great interview Heather!

  7. Mr. Fab – I guess it’s I :heart: Mr. Fab day…who knew?

    Watchdog – It’s always good to have one of those.

    Heather Anne – Now to think of who to interview next…

    HeatherB – Maybe I’ll interview you sometime.

    TMP – I have my genius moments although they are rare.

  8. Next weekend you should interview me by text message. I’ll be drunk allll weekend.

  9. I don’t think I have enough texting in my plan for that :duh:

  10. Robin – I can text the questions to him. It would be worth it to get drunk answers!

  11. Ok, I’ll do it but I can’t do like 50 questions. What day?

  12. You want a REALLY good interview? Catch me when I am drunk and do a phone interview and tape it 🙂

  13. I think drunk IM conversations could be awesome blog fodder! This was great, although when Heather’s actually drunk on IM she always calls everyone “fuckers” and blushes a lot.

  14. I am bringing my webcam with me as well, if I can get it to show up on Yahoo. There is no telling WHAT could happen.

    Full frontal nudity? Not out of the question… :mrfab:

  15. Mr. Fab – You are determined to get me on the phone…maybe if I’m drunk too :martini: You’ve got me quite excited…when is this all going down?

    Avi – I’ll have to catch her drunk sometime.

  16. Hmm….Well…I will get into Huntsville next Friday at 3. I will probably be nicely buzzed at Guadalajara on maragaritas by 5:30. Then I will be tanked from then until Sunday night probably.

    Probably at some time when I am back at the hotel partying. The music will be too loud at the concerts.

  17. Ok…I’ll see what I can do :lmao:

  18. I know I’m late, but this was a great interview, and a great idea!! Good one!! I love this!! I think you should start interviewing random people via IM more often.

  19. Thanks! We’ll see if I can interview Fab this weekend when he’s drunk. I have a wedding to go to so I may not make it work.

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