Bad Position

There are a lot of changes going on at my job and have been for a while. I think over a year ago I was given the opportunity to change my hours to 7:30-4:00 (an hour earlier) so I could avoid the massive traffic. This […]

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Johari Window on Crackbook

They have added a Johari Window application to Crackbook and I’m excited! I really never liked the setup of the original one so this is perfect! I’ve already added the application so feel free to go and fill mine in 😀 — Powered By Stuffr! […]

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What would you do if…

you found a dead rabbit in your living room? I’d wonder which woman I slept with and then dumped recently. you moved to a different country on the day of your graduation? I’d wonder how I went back a decade. you ran out of battery […]

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