• http://www.pinkpiddypaws.com Cinnkitty

    And *that* comment coming from a man, so you know it’s true. hee..hee..hee…!!!

  • http://typicalredhead.com heather(anne)

    I love the power of my boobs.

  • http://www.themuttprincess.com themuttprincess

    Boobs are a very unfair advantage….

    But who cares???

  • http://www.chickfeed.blogspot.com The Chick

    Har! Love it!

  • http://blog.of.leghump.org Brenna

    I’ve known that for a while now (lol)

  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who knows this.

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