I hadn’t done a bullet post all week and I realized you guys have no idea what is going on in my life other than The Wonder Twins :what:

  • My company gave us all $25 gift certificates to various places. I got Target :dance:
  • I’m back at work and it’s ok, although it’s business casual again after a nice summer of jeans and flip flops.
  • Earlier this week I stabbed myself with a knife trying to break apart frozen hamburger patties. Another reason why I shouldn’t be allowed in the kitchen.
  • I’m updating my wedding site, at this point there is no blog and a lot of html to do…I haven’t really done that much html in a long time but it’s fun.
  • I really want to find a job where I can sit in a coffee shop all day with my laptop, I think I would enjoy that.
  • I did not win the photo contest on Crackbook yesterday but thanks to everyone’s votes I did end up in third place with 27 votes! I’ll still enter more competitions so keep an eye on it :eyebrow:
  • Ok, enough of the rambling…back to boobage.

I think a very important part of great boobage is if they still stand out when only in a t-shirt. Don’t underestimate the power of a tight t-shirt and great breasts. In fact I think I’ve gotten more attention from wearing fitted shirts than showing cleavage, I think it leaves the mind to wander. So…here we go.

Boobage War Competitors:




And one last cleavage for your pleasure…


That’s all folks :robin:

13 Thoughts on “T-Shirt Time!

  1. *gasp* *swoon* *gasp* *swoon*


  2. I had to come back. Mmm..

    I wonder if Mrs. Fab would have a problem with putting these up as my wallpaper…

  3. I am glad my pictures came across as intended ๐Ÿ˜€ Just tell her they are from an amateur porn documentary you are working on.

  4. I like the fitted shirt. It is VERY important on how the boobage holds up under that pressure. They need to look sexy with out showing any skin.

    LOVE IT!

  5. :omg: Boobies!!!!!!!!! :robin:

  6. Ah it’s all in the presentation.

  7. OOH! I want to work where they give me gift certificates! LOL

  8. It’s awesome that they gave everyone free gift cards!! Let me know when you enter more photos, and I’ll be sure to vote. Nice boobies!

  9. “I really want to find a job where I can sit in a coffee shop all day with my laptop, I think I would enjoy that.” sounds like the perfect job to me. ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Too busy admiring your own boobs to visit the ol’ blog, I see.

    Mmm hmmm. I see where your priorities are. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. TMP – You understand me and my boobs, that’s love :kiss:

    Frankie – :robin:

    Mike – It really is.

    KG – It was quite the surprise, I think they are trying to keep us all from leaving.

    Angle – I have a new photo up, it’s of my cat sleeping :lmao:

    Brenna – Idealy I could just have Carrie Bradshaw’s life but with Erik in it too.

    Tara – I’ve been obsessed. Besides, you know I have a very short attention span and I forget if I don’t have a feed for the blog. When you comment I try to remember to visit your blog…that’s the only way I remember. I’m going there now…but you need to learn how to incorporate WordPress and have a feed.

  12. Robin, that sounds like co-dependent behavior or you blaming me for your forgetfulness. hee hee I’ve been reading psychology books too much. hahahahaha

    Have a nice weekend!

  13. I have ADD, I can’t be held accountable.

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