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0 Thoughts on “Dead Like Me

  1. I hate it when good shows get cancelled. HATE IT!

    I swear, all the good ones do, too.

  2. Oh My God, there is a book just like that. But in this case it’s a dorky guy who has to collect the souls. It is hilariously funny. Let me know if you want the title.

  3. Grim reaper. That would be a great job for me. :fab:

  4. I loved that show…I used to watch it each week (three or four years ago, I can’t remember which). I loved Roxy as a meter maid; I just loved her attitude. I wondered where the show went, but never knew that it was canceled. I hope it returns, but I think you are right, without Rube, it may not be as good as it was.

  5. I loved that show. I liked each and every character. But especially Dolores Herbig. And Rube. And Daisy. And Mason. And the waitress. And George.

  6. TMP – I’m still upset about My So-called Life :annoyed:

    MistressM – Sure!!

    Mr. Fab – You would be good at it….just don’t take advantage of your reaps 😉

    Angel – You should rent it if you have Netflix or something.

    Avi – Then you liked all of them. I’m so glad everyone got me into it…I love finding a really great show. There aren’t many out there.

  7. Rent it?

    Fuck that… stop being cheap and BUY it.

    Amazon has both season’s on sale… that’s how I got mine.

    Oh, and yes, I agree the whole thing with Rube not coming back is going to suck. Apparently Mandy Patinkin thinks he’s a real actor now as compared to when he was in The Princess Bride.

  8. Watchdog – Well I might buy it but I was certainly going to watch it first to see if I should buy it 😀 Oh and it sounds like Mandy was pulling a Claire Danes :annoyed:

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