So I’m going through the checkout at the grocery store when the checkout guy notices there is no price on my cup of fruit.  See, I thought I’d treat myself to the rediculously expensive cup of fruit so sue me.

Anyway, he asks me if I know how much it costs and honestly I never looked.  So he says “then it’s free” and then he says “I’m quitting today anyway.”  So I laugh, who am I to say?  Then he says “besides, everyone should get something free once and a while.”

Free fruit is even yummier than a $3 cup of fruit :wink:

  • themuttprincess

    I bet he was looking at the Wonder Twins the whole time.

    Heh. I LOVE FREE STUFF!!!!

    I swear it even tastes better!

  • Robin

    Maybe :robin:

  • themuttprincess

    Nothing wrong with using them to save moolah!!!


  • Angel

    That’s awesome!!

  • Brenna

    LOL that’s funny.

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