Don’t ask me how we get into these conversations, trust me, we’ve had stranger ones. Just know we are both known for random thoughts that defy any understanding.

Robin: So…Mr. Fabulous and I are having an affair.
Erik: Ok.
Robin: I just thought you should know.
Erik: Well that’s a lot of money for plane tickets.
Robin: No traveling required, his penis is just really long.

Don’t miss my fascinating recap on our first cake tasting. We have leftovers if anyone wants to stop by for a piece.

Also, there is a lot of fighting going on over at Facebook. Thanks to my floggies I’ve won a few battles, particularly with my RL friend. I have quite the posse :whosnext:

0 Thoughts on “That’s Some Layover

  1. I’m sure that Mr. Fabulous will be quite pleased to find out that his penis is really long. :lmfao:

  2. It certainly is news to me. :fab:

  3. Angel – He doesn’t like people to know…it ruins his mystery.

    Mr. Fab – Yeah sure, ok :whistle:

  4. At least Erik is smart…

    But I can see how you and Mr Fab are having an affair it is very difficult not to…..

  5. Not the affair. I know we’re having the affair. It’s news to me that my penis is that long.

  6. You know, I’ve heard that about Mr. Fab.

  7. Not many comments here. I guess people don’t believe we are getting it on.

    Hey, since Erik doesn’t seem to mind, how about a 3-way?

  8. TMP – He’s quite the seducer :dazed:

    Mr. Fab – I think you blackout when it gets that long. Sure, Erik would probably be happy to join in…he’s probably a little bit gay anyway.

    KG – The rumor is true.

  9. Perfect. I’m a little bit gay as well. I have no problem with a little sword crossing.

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