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9 Thoughts on “Review: The Two Coreys

  1. I’ve heard that nobody would have thought that, 20 years later, Feldman would be the attractive one and Haim would be the pudgy, ugly one.

  2. Avi – Yeah that was definitely a surprise.

    Mr. Fab – It’s real, but it only lasts during your early teens. I think I last had it during Dream a Little Dream.

  3. Haim ending up not the cute one doesn’t surprise me. I have this theory: people who are exceedingly cute young use it all up, by middle age at the latest. Uglier Ducklings, like Mr. Feldman, grow into themselves and become more attractive.

    Yes, I’ve put entirely too much thought into this.

    And yes, the show SUCKS.

  4. Well…I was a very cute kid. I do agree though…I swear Erik gets better looking every year.

  5. Very cute is not exceedingly cute, doll. Like how David Cassidy was exceedingly cute, but now he’s just scary. :tongue:

  6. No I was just cute, like adorable but in a real way. Not like a doll, I don’t think.

  7. I was calling you doll. Not saying you were like a doll. Oh, she that skims quickly!!!

  8. Don’t mind me…I’m high on cake.

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