He asked us to do a meme for him, since I’ll do anything to please him here we go:

1. If I showed up at your house randomly next week, what would we do together?
Discuss whether my boobs or your penis are really as big as they seem online.

2. Rather than saying “I have a blogger friend”, or “I have a friend who’s a blogger”, there should be a word for this that makes it less awkward to say. Would you prefer “blend”, “frogger”, “bluddy”, “blogquaintance”, or “webbud”? Or do you have a better idea?

I think anyone would look at you strange for any of those but I would probably go with “bluddy” because I like how it sounds. It just rolls off your tongue, kind of like you.

3. If we were hanging out together and you noticed that my balls were hanging out of my shorts, would you tell me or try to maintain eye contact and talk to me?

I’d try to carefully get my camera phone so I could sneak a picture and blog it the next day.

4. If you had no neighbors, would you buy curtains for your windows? Why or why not?
We have no neighbors that can really see anything so there are no curtains on the left side of our house. We probably should though, because the guy walks his dog a lot and I’m always walking to the bathroom naked.

5. Who would you rather fuck: Dan Rather or Betty White?
Betty White – I think she’s a dirty whore.

6. If two girls walk into a bathroom and they both find a newly born baby in the toilet at the same time, should they have to wrestle in oil while nude to claim the baby as theirs, split it in half and share it, or sell it on the black market and divide the proceeds?

I’m for selling it on the black market and split the proceeds but that’s just me.

7. Do you believe in ghosts, aliens, heaven, or mothers-in-law? Why or why not?

I do because I have seen them and battled them, especially MILs.

8. What was your most embarrassing moment of your life and do you have pictures or video that you will share with me?
The Snarf incident, have I shared that on here yet? I assume there is no video, fuck I hope there isn’t. It’s hard enough to live that down with only one witness.

9. Do you know where I put my sunglasses?

You left them on the counter, next to your turbo lube.

10. What aspect of your own blogging do you wish you could improve and why? Would you pay money for lessons taught by me to improve that skill? How much? And what’s your credit card number?
I wish I could make money at it without having to do anything more than I am now and be able to quit my job and live in my pajamas. I might pay money but I might ask for my money back if it doesn’t work. My credit card number is 69690000006969 :fu:

0 Thoughts on “Ahmoo’s Meme

  1. #3 and 9….rofl!

    good answers. :clap:

  2. Mmmm…turbo lube…

  3. How’d you know about my turbo lube?

    Here’s your cocktail: :martini:


  4. Hey, you left it right out on the counter. I guess you must stop getting your freak on in the kitchen :dance:

  5. Very nice. If you figure out a way to blog and stay home in your pjs let me know!!!

    I am all for pjs.

  6. We’ll start a company together. I don’t know what we’ll sell but we’ll figure that out later. First…let’s get new pjs!


    Sign me up!

    I think between the both of us we should be able to come up with SOMETHING… ya know??

  8. that is hillarious love #3 and #5 lol

  9. He keeps the turbo lube in the kitchen because he uses it as a marinade for EVERYTHING.

  10. TMP – Oh most definitely!

    HeatherB – :rock:

    Jester – I’ve tried his turbo chicken and it just doesn’t do it for me :yuck:

  11. I use something else as a marinade. :gdg:

  12. Ohhh…now it all makes sense.

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