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0 Thoughts on “Ahmoo’s Meme

  1. #3 and 9….rofl!

    good answers. :clap:

  2. Mmmm…turbo lube…

  3. How’d you know about my turbo lube?

    Here’s your cocktail: :martini:


  4. Hey, you left it right out on the counter. I guess you must stop getting your freak on in the kitchen :dance:

  5. Very nice. If you figure out a way to blog and stay home in your pjs let me know!!!

    I am all for pjs.

  6. We’ll start a company together. I don’t know what we’ll sell but we’ll figure that out later. First…let’s get new pjs!


    Sign me up!

    I think between the both of us we should be able to come up with SOMETHING… ya know??

  8. that is hillarious love #3 and #5 lol

  9. He keeps the turbo lube in the kitchen because he uses it as a marinade for EVERYTHING.

  10. TMP – Oh most definitely!

    HeatherB – :rock:

    Jester – I’ve tried his turbo chicken and it just doesn’t do it for me :yuck:

  11. I use something else as a marinade. :gdg:

  12. Ohhh…now it all makes sense.

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