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0 Thoughts on “Master Photoshoper

  1. I knew it was you! BTW, in that, you look a bit like McKenzie Phillips.

    If you can bike ride to the DD, then you can eat whatever you want and work it off on the way back. :thumbsup:

  2. I’d rather look like Bijou Phillips but thanks :lmao: I’m attempting a seductive face in that picture…it didn’t really work.

  3. Robin, it’s damn near impossible to look seductive in that getup, ESPECiALLY the hat. :poke:

  4. True, but the original picture of me trying to look seductive doesn’t work either.

  5. Okay, but YOU actually Do have a penis, right?

  6. Oh yeah, of course!

  7. I got your mad photoshop skillz…..

    I wonder why don’t ya just write the DD headquarters… You alone would keep that store in business!!!!


  8. Hmmm…not a bad idea.

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