• I can’t believe the post yesterday was lost on everyone. I’ll have to make sure to not try so hard with my photoshop skills. So just in case some of you were left confused still, here is a side-by-side explanation.
  • I may need to get a formal gown for a wedding in September at the Copley Plaza. I haven’t worn a formal gown since Gemini’s wedding and that is actually too fancy (also I probably don’t fit in it).
  • Come to think of it, Erik is probably going to need a suit :banghead: He says he has a suit but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it, therefore I question whether it really fits.
  • I have no plans this weekend, not one. All I know is I’m going to Panera Bread…I’m craving it bad.
  • Why do Netflix even have movies listed if they aren’t available to rent? Such teases they are.
  • Why do I live miles 5 miles away from the closest DD?  Why did I not factor this in when we were buying the house??
  • Why is it so cold my nipples are about to pop off?

Don’t miss my topless debut over at Fab’s, it’s very life-like :thumbsup:

0 Thoughts on “Master Photoshoper

  1. I knew it was you! BTW, in that, you look a bit like McKenzie Phillips.

    If you can bike ride to the DD, then you can eat whatever you want and work it off on the way back. :thumbsup:

  2. I’d rather look like Bijou Phillips but thanks :lmao: I’m attempting a seductive face in that picture…it didn’t really work.

  3. Robin, it’s damn near impossible to look seductive in that getup, ESPECiALLY the hat. :poke:

  4. True, but the original picture of me trying to look seductive doesn’t work either.

  5. Okay, but YOU actually Do have a penis, right?

  6. Oh yeah, of course!

  7. I got your mad photoshop skillz…..

    I wonder why don’t ya just write the DD headquarters… You alone would keep that store in business!!!!


  8. Hmmm…not a bad idea.

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