At first I thought this season of So You Think You Can Dance wasn’t comparing to last season but every week the dancing gets remarkably better. I think most of the dances last night were better than anything I’ve ever seen on this show.

My favorite was the Jazz routine by Sabra and Neil but I’m also going to post the others I loved. Which of these are your favorite?

This dance is phenomenal, it might be my favorite of the entire show all seasons but it’s tough to choose. I’d be happy if either Neil or Sabra win but then I definitely think Neil is cuter :heartbeat:

I loved this routine with Pasha, he’s really gotten quite amazing. I never imagined he could pull off hip hop. Lacey isn’t doing it for me and I thought she didn’t do much in this routine.

While Danny may be the best male dancer I don’t like him as much, he just doesn’t get me excited. This is a beautiful dance though.

0 Thoughts on “They CAN Dance

  1. I still like Neil and Lauren

  2. Oh i could not dance to save my life

  3. Gemini – Yeah they were great for sure, I just love Neil.

    MistressM – I can dance but nothing like that.

  4. I love this show! I love all the girls. I think Sabra is the best though for sure and I’d LOVE for a girl to win this year!!!!

    As for the guys I like them all to but I prefer the girls over any of the guys. I guess my fav guy is Danny but I agree with you he can be a bit bland in the excitement area.

  5. I like that girl… You know the one who dances and stuff?


    No I watch it but I can’t remember names for the life of me.

  6. I wish I could dance like that. Does that count? :unsure:

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