I was really intrigued by Janet’s Tuesday meme and I thought I would post my top five defining moments in my life. How does one narrow it down to five? Well, it’s not easy.  I’m not sure these are the top five but they were the first ones I thought of.

5. Getting Published – The first time I ever had my writing published and that was in high school.  It was a poem I wrote, believe it or not about an actor I was in love with but you wouldn’t know by reading it.  That feeling that someone else enjoyed what I wrote has never left me, it still drives me every single day.

4. College – More specifically the day I became friends with some of the best people on the planet and I think I finally felt like I actually fit in.  I could really be myself.

3. Marching Band – Joining marching band I think gave me my first real feeling of purpose and passion. There is nothing like the feeling of competing in front of a stadium and realizing you were a part of bringing the show to life. It was hard hard work but it was worth it.

2. Breast Reduction – I felt trapped by my breasts for years until I had my reduction and it changed everything.  Just being able to not wear a bra was truly wonderful.  Then again, they are now almost as big as they were then but I can only imagine how big they’d be if I’d never had the surgery.
1. Meeting Erik – The moment I met Erik not only did my life change but I changed.  I found the love of my life along with my very best friend all at once.

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  1. I enjoy reading what you write each day. In fact, if you use stat counter, you can see that I sometimes visit more than once a day to see if there are updates, because I love your template, and wouldn’t get to see it if I used bloglines. :blush:

    Also, I think I kind of know how you felt with your breasts. When I was 9, I had a C cup…They are much larger now. :secret:

  2. Well…okay. Am I at least somewhere in the #6-#10 range?

  3. Angel – I hear ya, I started wearing my first bra in 4th grade.

    Mr. Fab – Awww…yes of course. The first time I read your blog I had a mini-seizure and have never been the same since :fab:

  4. I was a photographer in HS, and seeing some pictures I took in the year book still makes me surprised, and happy. LOL

    I have tried college, but it never let me finish…..

    I was in the marching band as well, it was such a thrill, wasn’t it?

    My boobs naturally reduce themselves… LOL Ok not really. Maybe if I lost enough weight…..

    It is the most awesome thing to meet THE ONE, the person that is your other half.

    :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

  5. My boobs have lost an entire cup size. WTF? A whole cup! This cannot be good. Makes me want to cry! Now I’m only a DD instead of a DDD. :unsure:

  6. TMP – My boobs will get smaller if I lose weight.

    KG – Who in their right mind wants to be a DDD?? :crazy:

  7. Me!

    :robin: :robin: :robin:

  8. You are :crazy: I hate having big boobs. Right now at a DD they are ok, sort of, but they are in pain a lot and things often don’t fit me right.

  9. LOL I know, I’m :crazy: but they’ve always been big and I’ve not had any complaints (from myself) over them and certainly no complaints from any boys over them. 😀

  10. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with mine. I am glad at least that they are pretty perky given the size they are…thanks to the surgery :robin:

  11. LOL Yeah, mine are still sitting up proudly where they belong. Once they start to uhm….head south, I’ll probably have them lifted. :robin: 👿

  12. I’m not opposed to having mine lifted someday. If I lose weight they will shrink and they will need a lift.

  13. Yeah I don’t want to lose any more weight due to being scared that my tits will decrease. LOL If there was a way I could lose the weight and not shrink my tits to lemon size, rather than grapefruit, I’d totally do it. LOL But I’m afraid so yeah. Though maybe then I could get a breast implant and have them perky for time and eternity. LOL

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