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0 Thoughts on “My Defining Moments

  1. I enjoy reading what you write each day. In fact, if you use stat counter, you can see that I sometimes visit more than once a day to see if there are updates, because I love your template, and wouldn’t get to see it if I used bloglines. :blush:

    Also, I think I kind of know how you felt with your breasts. When I was 9, I had a C cup…They are much larger now. :secret:

  2. Well…okay. Am I at least somewhere in the #6-#10 range?

  3. Angel – I hear ya, I started wearing my first bra in 4th grade.

    Mr. Fab – Awww…yes of course. The first time I read your blog I had a mini-seizure and have never been the same since :fab:

  4. I was a photographer in HS, and seeing some pictures I took in the year book still makes me surprised, and happy. LOL

    I have tried college, but it never let me finish…..

    I was in the marching band as well, it was such a thrill, wasn’t it?

    My boobs naturally reduce themselves… LOL Ok not really. Maybe if I lost enough weight…..

    It is the most awesome thing to meet THE ONE, the person that is your other half.

    :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

  5. My boobs have lost an entire cup size. WTF? A whole cup! This cannot be good. Makes me want to cry! Now I’m only a DD instead of a DDD. :unsure:

  6. TMP – My boobs will get smaller if I lose weight.

    KG – Who in their right mind wants to be a DDD?? :crazy:

  7. Me!

    :robin: :robin: :robin:

  8. You are :crazy: I hate having big boobs. Right now at a DD they are ok, sort of, but they are in pain a lot and things often don’t fit me right.

  9. LOL I know, I’m :crazy: but they’ve always been big and I’ve not had any complaints (from myself) over them and certainly no complaints from any boys over them. 😀

  10. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with mine. I am glad at least that they are pretty perky given the size they are…thanks to the surgery :robin:

  11. LOL Yeah, mine are still sitting up proudly where they belong. Once they start to uhm….head south, I’ll probably have them lifted. :robin: 👿

  12. I’m not opposed to having mine lifted someday. If I lose weight they will shrink and they will need a lift.

  13. Yeah I don’t want to lose any more weight due to being scared that my tits will decrease. LOL If there was a way I could lose the weight and not shrink my tits to lemon size, rather than grapefruit, I’d totally do it. LOL But I’m afraid so yeah. Though maybe then I could get a breast implant and have them perky for time and eternity. LOL

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