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0 Thoughts on “I Hate To Admit

  1. Whenever I see Scott Baio all I think is Happy Days and when he went out w. Joanie…. Maybe that is why he is not married……

    It is so odd to see these child stars grown up and on reality tv. Odd for me, anyway. Does that mean I am a grown up too?

  2. Now I have the Happy Days song going in a loop in my head. THANKS!

    We could have a contest of who has the least willpower… Most days I would at the very minimum tie you. My animals MAKE me feed them, my kid can feed himself, and my blog is working on free will. LOL

    So I understand.

  3. Ohh wow I remember the days of “bob magazine” and my walls being covered so much with the pictures that you couldn’t even see paint…

  4. I’d like to enter that contest. I have very little willpower or self-control. I also have low sales resistance.

    Online crushes are harmless. Even though it is probably not the case, I am going to pretend that your online crush is on me. It will make me happy today.

  5. Nancy – It’s especially odd when they disappear and then reappear all old and screwed up. Corey Haim was such a crush of mine…not anymore :crazy:

    TMP – Well I’m sitting here not going to the gym right now but I am attempting a salad. How is your willpower right now?

    Heather B – Me too! I used to go every weekend to buy more magazines. I still have a book I made of my favorite guys. I really really need to blog that.

    Mr. Fab – Assume away :whistle:

  6. cheri on July 31, 2007 at 4:55 pm said:

    Damn I have the Happy Days song in my head now too! lol

    I never was very crazy about Scott Baio – even though he was pretty cute. My crush was on C. Tomas Howell. I watched every single one of his (lame) movies in my teen years. lol

  7. You really enjoy planning your wedding?

    Next you’re going to get all excited about having kids!

  8. Cheri – He was pretty cute, I remember him most from The Outsiders. What was his name in that? Pretty boy?

    Avi – :lmfao: No :eyebrow:

  9. I JUST noticed that scott baio show the other day in the listings. I wish I would have watched it now. I’m curious. I use to watch Happy Days all the time and I saw him grow up on the show.

    I watched The Two Coreys. It was interesting. And wow, one of them looks soooo different. I hate to say it but I always got their names confused so I don’t know what his name is. lol ugh I think it’s Haim.
    The other one looks oddly the same as he did when he was younger. Not much difference really.

    One of my fav movies (back then) was License To Drive. You must have seen it?

  10. I had a crush on Haim (the one you are speaking of I’m sure) but he’s been so into drugs I think he really aged himself. I loved license to drive but even more so I loved Lucas :heartbeat:

  11. I watched the “Scott Baio is single and 45” show the other night. It wasn’t that bad. I don’t watch a lot of tv, so I am not sure when it normally comes on- I think what I watched was a re-run. I’d watch it again.

  12. I watched The Two Coreys. It’s amazing how Haim got ugly and Feldman got hot. I would have bet money that wouldn’t happen 20 years ago.

    Oh well.

  13. Angel – I think it’s just interesting to see a guy (any guy) have to talk to all of his exe’s about what a tool he was.

    Jester – No kidding :yuck:

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