Erik and I have a little age gap between us but it’s usually not noticeable. For a guy who’s almost 40 he knows a lot of stuff I wouldn’t expect him to know but from time to time he shows his age.

He came out of the house to help me in the yard and had thrown on his shirt backwards.

Erik: What if I put on my pants backwards too, that would be weird.
Robin: You mean like Criss Cross?
Erik: Yeah, him too.
Robin: No honey, that was a group in the 90’s.

Although more often than not he’ll mention some kind of music from the 70’s or 80’s that I have never heard of.

0 Thoughts on “Criss Cross Will Make You Jump

  1. I think that just says more about you being weird for remembering Criss Cross.

  2. Yeah, I think you might be right Ahmoo although it must say something that I have such a curious memory right?

  3. Maybe you were sexually excited as a child when they were on television. :avi:

  4. The whole backwards pants thing was pretty confusing, in an exciting kind of way.

  5. Heh, he’ll start talking about Meatloaf and you’ll think he’s talking about dinner.

  6. I know Meatloaf, he was popular again in the 90’s.

  7. Just so you know, Lynyrd Skynyrd was not one guy…

  8. Oh, and Pink Floyd? Same deal. :fab:

  9. I know, and INXS are not just a bunch of letters.

  10. There are 10 years between my BF and me…. And he is always surprised to find out what I know about bands, musicians and stuff. Not nearly as much as he does, but I surprise him nonetheless.

    So I get what you mean…..

  11. Thanks for putting that song in my head today lol

  12. :banghead: Dude!!!

    this is just wrong!!! I cant believe that I have that song in my head now!

  13. TMP – At least you do.

    Heather B – You are quite welcome!

    Gemini – That’s what I’m here for.

  14. so. eight posts showed up in twitter, and until i saw Fab commenting I thought holy smokes, multiposter, but now I see the date as july 9. what on earth is going on??!

  15. Sorry, I was updating tags on the posts that are conversations.

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