The office is so quiet my typing is probably echoing across the cubicles.

The roads were dead this morning, I like it that way.

See I think either everyone should just wait until I get to work or I should, you know, just not work.

So I’m here, in my cubicle staring at the computer.  Lots of emails with lots of work in them.  I suppose I should do some.

I will, once this coffee sets in :coffee:

I hope I’m not the only one stuck at work today, misery loves company.

I'm At Work

  • Laci

    I was here yesterday, I’m here today and I’ll be here tomorrow.

    Unfortunately, news doesn’t take holidays off. :fu:

  • Leanne

    Nice ring.


  • Robin

    Laci - Yeah and neither do I usually.

    Leanne - Thanks! That would be the engagement ring :D

  • Geeky Dragon Girl

    I’m here too, slaving for The Man. But so are most of my coworkers, so it’s like another average workday around here.

  • Joefish

    You are definitely not the only one stuck at work today.

  • Robin

    GDG - A lot of my co-workers aren’t here and there is a lot of vacation time coming up that I’m covering for :banghead:

    Joefish - Good, I’m not alone.

  • Mr. Fabulous

    I am at work today, so point that finger somewhere else, missy! :fab:

  • themuttprincess

    I am at work as well…

    So much to do, and no energy or modivation to do it…….

  • Angel

    I’m not stuck at work, but I spent five hours in the doctor’s office today waiting for his ass to show up to my 9:30am appointment.

  • Robin

    Ok, well the finger isn’t for any of you. Angel, I think that could be worse than work.

  • themuttprincess

    Glad the finger wasnt for us. If it was I could just give you the same.. LOL

    Oh Angel, sorry. Hope it ended fine.

  • cheri

    Just getting around to reading all the blogs. I was here off and on on Thursday – came in late – took a long lunch and left at 4 – it was sooo nice!

  • Robin

    Good to see you around Cheri :wave:

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