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0 Thoughts on “Bad Directions

  1. Aw..poor Sigmund. That makes me sad.

  2. He had a really good life, I hope my cats are as lucky to have such a great life.

  3. Forgive my igorance, but what is the approximate normal lifespan of a kitty?

  4. I looked it up and it said 15-19 years. I’m surprised honestly, I thought 15 was long. I’ve never had a cat longer than 8 years but that’s because they were outdoor cats.

  5. I think the longest we’ve had a bunny was about 15 years. Our bunnies are always indoor bunnies.

  6. It’s a controversy, our cats may not live as long but man how much they love running around outside. We live in a good area for that except there are a lot of other animals to hurt them.

  7. Thanks for the post & pic Robin, it’s much appreciated. :unsure:

    — Siggie’s Dad

  8. I suppose your directions could be worse. They could be somehting like:

    1. Take a left where that old theater used to be.
    2. Drive past that tacky house with the flamingos in the lawn. I’m not sure if those things are still there.
    3. Make a right at Mr. Johnston’s house. Remember him?
    4. When you see that broken down car with the flat tires, you know you’re there.

  9. BIL – Of course.

    GDG – Yeah, that’s kind of sad. The ideas I came up with were for different places I lived. You don’t need to drive by the dump of a house to get here anymore.

  10. RIP Sigmund.

    My directions are just as bad. I TRY. I really TRY to get exact street names and left and right. I even try to throw in a couple of landmarks to help.

    And -people still get lost…


  11. Aww Gemini, I’m so sorry for your loss. Sigmund was beauuuutiful. {{hugs}}

  12. That’s a pet peeve – bad directions. I give perfect directions so that whether or not you look at landmarks, street signs, or mileage, you’ll find it.

  13. Yea those are pretty bad, definitially make me feel better about the directions i give 🙂

  14. Geeky Dragon girl, those are the exact directions to my neighbors house, how id you know?

  15. I am so sorry about your kitty. Those little furry monsters are always full attitude and love.

  16. Paired with my horrible sense of direction, your direction giving, I’d picture me at the bottom of a lake in no time flat!

  17. Mistress M – Furkids are interesting creatures.

    Stephanie – Those aren’t actual directions although I did once live right next to a house that was basically a place where people just dumped trash. It was awful. Gemini lived there too.

  18. Thank you Robin.. :hug:

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