Bagel Tease

Someone is having fun with my bagels today :whack:

That better not be an onion bagel he’s eating.

  • Mr. Yoda

    I think it was an “everything”. Look a the size of that carb in my hand! :what:

  • Robin

    That does not look like an everything bagel, I know my bagels.

  • Mr. Yoda

    NO the toasted one silly. The big dog might be of the onion variety. :eyebrow:

  • Robin

    Ok, I’ll take your word for it for the time being :eyebrow:

  • themuttprincess

    Ohhhhh. I think I will be right over!!!

  • loonarlanding

    omggggg I want bagelssssssssss :sad:

    That’s the ONE good thing about going back to Jersey (food wise) BAGELSSSSSSS (and pizza, and pastries and and..) :drool:

    Oh, I mean I’m going to “behave” and not eat my favorite foods cause I’m watching my weight :angel:

    :evil: hehehe

  • Robin

    TMP - I’ll keep one aside for you.

    loonarlanding - Yeah, the good part (and bad) of the Northeast is everything you just mentioned. Nobody does it like us.

  • themuttprincess

    You are THE BEST!


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