• My site was down this morning, when it’s down it’s like someone cut off my oxygen :twitchy:
  • I’m currently obsessed with a few things: Facebook, Frasier, doing my nails, and Wikipedia
  • Is it bad that I’m hoping most of the Bridezillas marriages don’t work, because they seem to forget the real reason behind a wedding and that it’s not to show off to everyone.
  • I’d like to go to the movies but there hasn’t been a movie in months that I’ve wanted to see, I’m waiting for 21 at this point unless Jake Gyllenhaal has one coming out 😉
  • I had some kind of allergic reaction, I think it was because I tried to use fabric softener and used WAY too much. I do not need to be quarantined even though I look like it.
  • I adore Niles, he reminds me of a little Erik or at least the way he is about Daphne. I’m just glad Erik is a little more manly and tall and stuff.
  • You know, Erik’s life would make a great sitcom. He’s got the crazy mom, the goofy brother, the quirky sister-in-law and the blunt fiancé. I see a lot of boobs jokes.
  • It’s funny, for all the people on Facebook people rarely actually comment on notes that I post :eyebrow:
  • I’m going to a work dinner thing at a restaurant this afternoon and there will be 80’s trivia…can you feel my excitement?

0 Thoughts on “Itchy Itchy

  1. What? You mean the Fantastic Four don’t do it for you? But they’re super! They fly! They stretch! They disappear! What’s not to like?

  2. How can there be no movies out that you’re interested in? Weirdo!


  3. I want to see a few movies. I am not sure if one or 2 of them are out yet… And to tell you the truth, I forgot their names.. oooppppps.

    I hate being itchy! I hope you get that fixed! Less fabric softener!

    I like Niles because he is cute. Not in a sexy way, just adorable in his actions.

  4. Much like MySpace, I think I’m too old for Facebook. AND it’s just another damn site I have to log into, remember my password for… etc. *sigh*


  5. Yeah, I am not that interested in some of the movies out there either.

    And I get an allergic reaction from Tide laundry soap. I look like a FAH-REEK. No way will I allow Tide into my house anymore. LOL

  6. GDG – Will you still love me if I tell you I hate any super hero stuff and I generally don’t like big blockbuster movies too.

    Avi – Because I have high standards.

    TMP – You just wanna hug him.

    Tara – What are you? Like 25?

    KG – Yeah I have to be careful, I need to use just the stuff without all the stuff added.

  7. How funny. I saw your note on Facebook & that’s what made me click here. I don’t know how those stupid men still marry the Bridezillas. That should be a HINT to them of future things to come.

    Unlike Niles, Erik doesn’t have a Herman Munster forehead either. (that’s a good thing)

  8. Oh, Robin. I’m not 25 (and thank Christ for that). I’m old now — 35. These new-fangled technological interweb thingys are just too much for my old ass.

  9. Jane – True, Erik is much cuter.

    Tara – I’ll make sure to get you a new walker for your birthday :tongue:

  10. I’ll let you in on a secret, when I can’t get on your site it’s like someone cut off my oxygen too!

  11. That’s because I’m smothering you with my cleavage :robin:

  12. I have a mini-heart attack whenever my domain is down. I’m glad to see everything is back up and running!

  13. EXACTLY! He looks as if he is in need of a hug constantly. And Niles is just so cute I would do it too!!!

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