Last night was awful.

I was nauseous all fucking night and couldn’t even bear taking my meds or drinking anything.

Of course I woke up and I’m completely swollen now plus starving.  I’m going to go out in a bit to get pudding and jello.  I might even go to the local ice cream place and see if I can get a fun milk shake there.

Oh and before when you saw the video that was more gauze than being swollen, now I’m SWOLLEN.

Erik has to work today so I’m on my own.  Bored and hungry :sad:  Oh and he said my cheeks kind of look like my boobs now :eyebrow:

Possible video to come.

0 Thoughts on “Ms. Chubby Update

  1. When I got my wisdom tooth out I lived off instant potatoes. They at least fill ya up.

    I feel for ya. But soon the worst will be over.

  2. Frankie – I may have to ask my man to pick up some stuff at Boston Market on the way home :robin:

    Avi – It can, not sick today though.

  3. Boob cheeks? That’s hawt.

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