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0 Thoughts on “Sucking It In

  1. good luck finding a wedding dress!

  2. Yes, we will love you, albeit not as much :heartbeat:

  3. Ew, Providence?

    Hell no.

  4. I’ll still love you. :heartbeat: I stand by my bitches.

  5. You were right by me today! I hope everything went great, and you found a dress you love!!!

  6. Christie – Thanks! I did 😀

    Fab – I see, there are limits.

    Avi – Good to know I guess.

    heather anne
    – You are such a floozy, that’s why I love ya!

    Stephanie – I know, I thought about ya! I didn’t get lost though. Woot! 😎

  7. Glad everything went well! :clap:

  8. Robin lets go to Providence. That place kicks ass. I haven’t been there in years and I think its about time for another trip. 😉

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