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0 Thoughts on “The Future is So Bright I Need Some Shade

  1. crystal on May 25, 2007 at 10:20 am said:

    8. Reality television will just be cameras in houses all over the world.

    Oooh! I’ve already started the wave of the future!

    13. Every single movie in the theater will either be a sequel or a remake.

    And that’s different from now in what way? :tongue:

  2. God I hope nobody knows the name “Perez Hilton” in the future.

  3. Your future seems much more real than Avi’s.

  4. Crystal – Good points.

    Avi – Let’s hope so.

    TMP – That’s because I am much more intuitive than he is.

  5. You are.

    And I hope that the fever you got from Avi isn’t a STD. Or worse, some virus that makes you a hobo.

  6. Brokeback Mountain IS mild… in fact it was downright boring. But I guess if you’re from the religious right, it may as well be gangbanging porn made available to the general public. I scoff in derision. *scoff*

  7. TMP – Yeah, who knows what you can get from him.

    GDG – Well yeah, of course it’s mild but not to a lot of people. Just 2 guys hugging in a romantic way is practically gay porn to some people.

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