• http://everylittlething247.com Frankie

    :cool: You got a fat kitty too. Does your vet want you to put her on a diet. Mine does. I mean C’mon shes only 12lbs that isn’t to fat. :D Just pleasantly plump

  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    She’s actually just starting to get a little plump but I’ve seen much fatter. We actually wouldn’t really be able to put her on any more restrictions than we already do. We only give her wet food 1/2 a small can a couple times a week and they mostly eat Purina dry food. She gets some table scraps but not a lot. I think she’s mostly bulked up from the winter and not getting enough exercise.

  • http://www.gemini.roadlessunraveled.com/ Gemini

    All buggies beware :whosnext: killer cat in the area!

    she is not nearly as big as Gibson :unsure:

  • http://typicalredhead.com heather(anne)

    Hehe. She’s such a cat!

    Frankie…Your vet wants your 12 pound cat on a diet!? I have a 21 pound cat! And she’s on a diet.

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  • http://www.iliveunderarock.com Geeky Dragon Girl

    It’s always facinating to watch cats tracking a target. Their eyes never leave the prize. It’s like a hunting machine.

    *target aquired*
    *target identified*

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