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0 Thoughts on “Accountability

  1. Avitable could probably clue us in to exactly what constitutes being an accessory. Of course Manson should be in jail. If Erik believes otherwise then this is a reason to call off the wedding. :crazy:

  2. But why should he be in jail, should he be in jail for murder?

  3. The crimes would not have been committed if not for him, correct? He did not have to wield the knife to be guilty of murder.

  4. [playing devils advocate]

    But what about free will? Nobody HAS to do what someone tells them to do. I could go up to someone on the street and just say “Hey, kill that dude over there for me would ya? Thanks!” but most likely they wouldn’t do it. If they did, would I be held accountable? What about music lyrics and movies that people say influenced their children to kill themselves or others?

  5. It was considered a conspiracy to commit a murder.

    If you are part of a conspiracy to do something, and that action happens, even if you’re not there, you can be charged with that crime.

    It is a rule created specifically for situations where people like a member of the mafia may direct someone to kill another person. So that’s why he’s in prison for murder, and it makes perfect sense.

  6. I think the answer lies with intent. Let’s say EvilGuy asks SmartGuy about how to kills someone in a certain way. SmartGuy describes it in detail because he has the knowledge. EvilGuy later goes and kills a person in that exact same way. Is SmartGuy to blame? No, because he didn’t know about it.

    Now if SmartGuy told EvilGuy how to murder, and then told him to try this method on his landlord because he hated the guy, now he’s guilty.

    Yet another scenario – if SmartGuy shares his knowledge with EvilGuy, and then EvilGuy tells him that he’s going to go kill his wife later that night, is SmartGuy guilty of something because he didn’t tell the authorities or try to stop it in any way? He never suggested the wife be killed, but he didn’t try to stop it either. He’s guilty of something lesser than murder, but still guilty of something. (I just don’t know what.)

    Should Manson be in jail, hell yes! He was involved in plots to murder. He’s as guilty as a guy who hires a hitman to do his dirtywork for him.

  7. Your scenario where he knew about the murder but didn’t do anything to stop it is likely an accessory to murder. It’s not as severe a punishment.

  8. I wish the man was around a computer to offer his thoughts, you guys are certainly helping me with my argument.

  9. We’re helping with your argument because we’re right and he’s wrong. By his logic, mob bosses (whose hands are technically clean because they never do any of the actual dirty work) should not go to jail either.

  10. Exactly what GDG said – we’re right!

  11. Well I know that, I just thought I wasn’t getting my argument across well enough last night or maybe he’s just too stubborn to see the other side…we’ll see.

  12. It’s likely he’ll acknowledge your point on the inside, but will never admit to being wrong. Stubborn folks (like me) HATE to be wrong.

  13. Actually he admits to being wrong to me all the time, nobody else really though.

  14. I believe that if you tell someone to do it on your behalf (hire them or manipulate them into it… whatever) I believe you are guilty of murder as well as the party who actually did the actual deed.

  15. Well that’s good. A person who can never admit to being wrong has way too much pride, and that makes them unpleasant to be around. You wouldn’t want to marry an unpleasant fellow!

  16. Um that is interesting… I think that he just used a really bad example of what he was trying to say… I think that Manson is where he belongs…

    GDG said everything that I would have said (just a little smarter.. lol)

    Um just noticed when did I become a Slut????? lol :robin:

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