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0 Thoughts on “Jim and Pam

  1. Very nice video.

    And that season finale was awesome. I love the very end, when they said who got the job.

  2. Don’t fuck with me…they didn’t say who got the job.

  3. Yes they did! After Jim asked Pam on a date, it went to commercial, and then came back to a final scene of the CFO on the phone offering someone a job, and then it cuts to . . .(let me know if you want me to tell you)

  4. What the fuck?? Damn…I was so caught up in CSI :pissed: Ok tell me…I can’t wait until later.

  5. It cuts to Ryan! He’s in his office, with Kelly behind him. And he says, “Thank you,” and smiles. Kelly asks who it is, and he says, “Nobody. Oh yeah. You and me? We’re done.”

    She says, “What???”

    And then he gives this little quirky smile to the camera. It was awesome!

  6. Oh that is sweet!! I’m so glad I taped it! :rock:

  7. That was AWESOME when Ryan got the gig LOL

    I am not too proud to say I :heartbeat: Jim and Pam.

    And I totally want to fuck Jan.

  8. Damn. I missed an entire season of it! I used to love that show. I’ll have to catch up with the reruns.

  9. Fab – Jan is fiesty and a little psycho…great combination. I always have a favorite couple and right now it’s Jam (like the combo there?)

    Heather Anne – Yes, you best catch up!

  10. Which show is this? I have no idea who any of these characters are.

  11. You don’t know what The Office is?


  12. Oh dear…anyone who is not familiar with The Office…their coolness must be brought into question… :what:

  13. She should be shunned…then mocked…then shunned some more.

  14. I thought that Last week was the end!!! i am soo glad whoo hoo!

    I cant wait to watch it! :love: I love Jam too….

    Grape is my fav :nana:

  15. We need to tie GDG to a chair and make her watch The Office.

  16. Gemini – I actually missed the end of the last week because of DVR overlapping but luckily caught what happened on Youtube. Grape?!?!

    Heather – Yes we do!

  17. Grape “Jam” :lmfao:

    get it? :eyebrow:

  18. :lmao: ok I do now.

  19. :nana: Haha….

    I watched it last night!

    I hate that all of my shows are ending at the same time!


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