My first time was uncomfortable and nerve wracking. I was on Spring break during my Freshman year of college and had gone to Montreal with some friends. Some of us had talked about finally doing the deed we’d talked about so many times before that.

Of course I worried that it would hurt and I worried that it would be obvious I was a virgin. That day we’d all gone out drinking and shopping but all I could think about was how that day I was going to give away my innocence.

Finally the time came when we all decided to take the big leap. We walked in to a room full of people and I waited patiently for the man that was going to take me over to the other side. I didn’t have high standards, I just wanted him to know what he was doing since I didn’t.

I took my time to make sure I knew what I wanted and where I wanted it. When he approached me to tell me it was time, I asked him to be gentle. He sat me down and started to pull down my pants slowly. I could feel chills go up my spine as his hand grazed my skin.

The first moment was shocking and I wasn’t prepared for the pain. The pain grew and grew for a while but I was pleased to realize it was a good kind of pain. Electricity was searing through my body and I felt more alive than I’d felt in a long time.

After a while the pain subsided and the pressure became more intense. I could feel myself changing and I knew I would never be the same. It was like being at the top of a roller coaster as you are about to go over the edge and knowing you can’t go back now.

It was a little odd having others watch such a personal moment but I didn’t know any better. I was just in my own world, becoming a woman. It was beautiful and right after it was over I knew I wanted to do it again.

That is the story of my first tattoo 😉



0 Thoughts on “My First Time

  1. I wasn’t fooled. Know why? Because I know you are still a virgin.

  2. Holy crap, I finally beat Gorilla Boy over here?

    Furkids for everyone!

  3. Fab – Yes and you keep trying to corrupt me :angel:

  4. :lmao: I was a little shocked cause I don’t remember you saying people were watching you for your “first time” :twitchy:

    then I clicked on the more… HAHA

  5. Never! I am pure and innocent. Honest fun and clean living, that’s my motto, hotpants!

  6. Wait I don’t get it… where exactly did you go? It sounds like some kind of store where you shop for men to lose your virginity to. In public. :dunno:

  7. Gemini – I got you :poke: :nana:

    GDG – Ummm…did you read the end??

  8. Ohhhhhh… how the hell did I miss that one sentence? I saw the photos of the tattoo and I didn’t get it. I think it was before I had my cereal. Nevermind. I’m going to go skulk off and smack myself around a bit. :doh:

  9. You’re such a perv. :nana:

  10. I was busy today and couldn’t read my blogs until just now.

    Hmm – I got such a sense of deja vu from this post!


  11. I love getting tattoos. Its addicting… I need more… :angel:

  12. Ohhhh. That was good.

    Do you have any more tats?

  13. GDG – It’s ok, I’ll just use it against you later.

    Tara – And proud of it.

    Avi – I did get the idea from you, I probably should have mentioned that but then I might have lost the feel of it.

    Frankie – I want a 4th.

    TMP – Yes, I have 3.

  14. It was very nicely done!

  15. Hahaha. I totally wasn’t fooled. Well, maybe a little bit, but I was waiting for the punchline. Great post!

  16. Avi – Thank you :robin:

    Heather Anne – Glad you enjoyed :rock:

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