5. Titanic
I am not going to pretend otherwise, every time I saw this movie I cried so hard and I sawMask this movie in the theater like 4 times. Why did he have to die? Why??

4. Steel Magnolias
Every single time I watch it I hope she doesn’t die. When the husband comes home to find his young son screaming at the top of his lungs it just kills me.

3. Mask
I was young when I first saw this movie, probably 10 or younger. I think the fact that Roy was such a strong and beautiful person was so heartbreaking to see everything he went through. His mom, while not perfect by any means, love him so deeply and would do anything for him. This was the first movie that ever really made me cry, I still cry really really hard when I watch it.

2. And The Band Played On
This was an HBO original from a while back and it pretty much details what happened when the AIDS virus came out. It was heartbreaking to see that maybe something could have been done if people paid attention.

1. Schindler’s List
I didn’t start crying during this movie until the end when the song is playing and they are putting the stones on his grave. I remember singing this song in private school and it struck a cord. I just couldn’t believe what they went through…just couldn’t comprehend the pain and humiliation.

0 Thoughts on “Top 5 Saddest Movies

  1. I’ve never seen any of those.

  2. Gosh, thanks for bringing us all down today. :crazy:

  3. Terms of Endearment. When her son starts crying by her bedside at the end, I lose my shit each and every time.

  4. I think I cried the first time I watched Titantic then I got over it I am not a Dicaprio fan at all… Steal Magnolias now that is a sad movie as well as Mask… Haven’t seen the other 2

  5. I generally hate sad movies because I don’t watch movies to get depressed, I want to escape to a land of happy endings. Still, I really like Steel Magnolias a lot. Dolly Parton brought lots of life, wit and fun to it.

    I still have never seen Titanic. I know how it ends, and have no inclination to watch it. I do like the Titanic shirts that I’ve seen around: “It sank, get over it.”

  6. Avi – And I thought you were a big ol sap deep inside.

    Fab – It’s what I do.

    Stephanie – Yeah that’s pretty sad but certainly not at the top of my list. My Girl almost made the list.

    Heather B – I love DiCaprio and always have. I have liked him long before he was a heart throb :heartbeat: and I really think he’s an amazing actor. He really made that role and they had great chemistry. You must see the other two, especially Schindler’s List, it’s important to see that.

    GDG – I like that t-shirt, I’m not like insane for that movie and I don’t even own it but when it first came out it just killed me.

  7. I might be nicer on the inside than I am on the outside, but I’m not sappy.

  8. I didn’t see Titanic until it was about 5 years old.. Or something… I hate watching movies again hoping for a different ending… ( I do that too…)

  9. I’ve only seen Titanic. The sadder part were the people that went to the movie theatre over and over and over and over again to watch that damned thing!

  10. I’m a very sappy person, inside and out, but I still don’t like sad movies.

  11. Avi – Awww…so I can never make you cry?

    TMP – Yeah I can’t help it, the sap in me I guess :crazy:

    Jen – :paperbag:

    GDG – I understand, sometimes I just need a good cry 🙁

  12. Well, maybe with a mind blowing orgasm.

  13. For me it is usually a bottle of wine… I cry at commercials then. I must be a closet romantic.

  14. I never cried much at movies, except Steal Magnolias, when I was younger. After I had my son – I cry way too much. 🙂

  15. The part that kills me in “magnolias” is when Sally Field breaks down about “I was all prepared to go first. Parents are supposed to die before their kids.” Heart. Wrench. Ing.

  16. When I need a good cry, I just need to look at my shapeless haircut.

  17. Oh yeah, and you can make Avi cry by showing that video he was talking about, where the lady was pushing a dildo up a man’s… um, well it wasn’t his ass.

  18. GDG, I wouldn’t link to it on your blog, but here it is. I’m sure Robyn won’t mind!


  19. Thanks for showing restraint on my blog, it is very much appreciated. Considering all the scary extreme things that go on, I think I’d prefer to remain sheltered under my rock so as not to cause my inner child to die of shock. :paperbag:

  20. Oh, I know you’d prefer to remain unaware of lemonparty and tubgirl and goatse.

  21. Tubgirl… never heard of that one (or the other ones until you mentioned them last time). I’m curious, but don’t actually want to see it. I think just a brief textual description would suffice.

    I just found it on UrbanDictionary.com… gah. No way do I EVER want to see that photo. *gag*

  22. I meant I found the description of what it was. Thank goodness they didn’t actually post the thing. I would’ve been scarred for life.

  23. I think I linked to lemonparty last time. Heh. I like scarring people’s brains.

  24. You linked to goatse too, you bad, bad man. I’m very squeamish. I don’t even like needles or bloody stuff on TV.

  25. I’m sure I made a few hairs turn gray. You certainly read me the riot act afterwards! :nana:

  26. Heehee yeah, I don’t like being surprised that way. But you’ve behaved since then. 🙂

  27. You guys wait to start these parties when you know I’m not around don’t you :poke:

  28. Heehee, well it wasn’t a particularly exciting party, despite the topic. It was just the two of us yammering.

  29. :omg: that was OMG! that is all I have to say about that!

  30. GDG – Per usual.

    Gemini – You are too funny…I won’t watch it but I knew you couldn’t resist :lmfao:

  31. You have no Idea… :twitchy: I think that my eyes are burning :dazed:

  32. Gosh, those are excellent choices. When I saw Titanic with my kids, they told me jack didn’t die. So, I kept waiting & waiting for him to resurface. Needless to say, the credits eventually started rolling. I guess that was best or I would’ve fallen apart!

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