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0 Thoughts on “Tanning

  1. Miss Ann on May 7, 2007 at 10:00 am said:

    Well, I’m Irish, Irish. Red hair pale, freckled skin. I just had about 9 cancers and pre-cancerous spots burned off my arms.

    I never did the sun. I do do the sun without spf 9000 and a hat but skin like ours laughs in the face of precautions.

    I like my skin. I never wanted to be tan. I never laid out. I got skin cancer anyway.

    Go figure.

  2. As someone who catches on fire when I go outside, I don’t understand the need to be really tanned. However, some color from the sun does look nice.

  3. Tanning…. Hmmmm…. I guess I could care less if other people do it, but as I get older I see it as a waste of time and money. I too want to have decent skin when I get older…. (hopefully I didn’t damage it tooooooo much when I was younger…..time will tell I suppose)

  4. Miss Ann – I’ve certainly burned my skin more times than I can count, like really bad burns…I’m sure that doesn’t help.

    Avi – Yeah the right amount I suppose gives a healthy look…I like to be so pale people need to check to see if I still have a pulse but that’s just me :dunno:

    TMP – I just don’t get the whole tanning thing or even fake tanner stuff, I don’t see it as attractive but then that is just one of my opinionated rants.

  5. I find it bizarre how some people are obsessed with tanning. You’ll find many other cultures think lighter skin is more beautiful. Asians and hispanics both have this viewpoint. This is likely because those who are “lower in class” usually have to work outside doing some kind of manual labor. The richer folks, who are allergic to manual labor, were typically paler because they stay indoors all the time.

    Conversely, tanned folks here are probably seen as “healthier” or more desireable because they can afford the leisure time to play outside. Or something like that. Just my guess.

  6. I enjoy a nice deep third degree burn. There’s nothing better than being completely unable to move or wear a shirt without being in extreme pain. Sometimes when I see a fire, I think about just walking right in or at least standing really close just for the nice glow.

    Seriously. I try to tan, having a bit of spanish (I mean the spain kind of spanish) I get a little tan, but I’m pale for the most part and I don’t have any wrinkles to speak of – cause cottage cheese and stretch marks don’t really count. I always burn at the beginning of the summer – but then I remember that was stupid and cover up.

  7. I like a healthy glow… But you can get that other ways…. 😉

  8. GDG – That’s an interesting way to see it.

    Leanne – Running through the fire, I’ll have to keep that one in mind.

    TMP – Yeah, I like that kind of healthy glow much better :robin:

  9. I’d like it if my legs weren’t so freak’n white but I won’t take a change with skin cancer to get them tan. I no longer lay out obessed with the sun – that was over years ago. I don’t want to be 60 and old and wrinkled bc of too much sun. I’ll deal with pale legs for years instead!

  10. I’m white. Like, wear some shades to look at me white. I used to tan nicely, now I just burn so I don’t even try.

    Just roll around in some orange paint and you’ll look just fine. (Why do people turn orange?)

    See how much I love you? I’m commenting on your blog during my lunch hour. :heartbeat:

  11. I like the look of a tan, I just don’t like the byproducts of baking in the sun (leathery looking skin – skin cancer, etc.)

    So, I sunscreen like mad when I’m at the beach and so forth – and utilize Clarins so that I get the look I like.

    It’s all good 😀

  12. Cheri – Someone once asked me if I was wearing white tights, I was wearing nude nylons

    Denise – Apparently orange is in, I’m never in style I guess.

    Stephanie – Just don’t go orange on us ok?

  13. I promise! (Besides, that’s why I use the expensive stuff – ya never turn orange with Clarins!!)

  14. Me too. I think that should be the way people get healthy (and a healthy glow). Lots and lots of adult time. heh

  15. :clap: Yes! Actually, I used to go tanning when I was 18. And surprisingly, I would get a great tan! But, then I grew up and realized that as a redhead, tanning isn’t such a smart idea. Especially since my dad (who is not a redhead) had to have skin cancer removed from his shoulder.

    I think pale skin is prettier too. Plus, when all my friends start getting their pre-mature wrinkles, I’ll still look good.

  16. Stephanie – Good enough for me.

    TMP – More sex less tans!!!!

    Heather Ann – The prettiest women I’ve ever seen are pale with red hair…that’s why I chose Lauren Ambrose to feature in this post.

  17. I forgot to mention how much I adore Lauren Ambrose.

    Fabulous choice to feature! :clap:

  18. I tanned last year, and I still have my membership, but I am still undecided about whether to do it again.

    I miss those tan lines of mine…

  19. Stephanie – I have good taste in women :robin:

    Fab – I bet you are one sexy bitch with tan lines…assuming you tan in speedos.

  20. Overalls. But still damn sexy. :thumbsup:

  21. I can see the porno already :whip:

  22. I’m just like you that i burn if im in the sun for 30 minutes… have freckles all over my sholders and arms and then some on my face… i once got so burned that it made me sick :unsure:

  23. I’ve gotten burned so bad it made me sick too :yuck:

  24. Kery on May 8, 2007 at 11:09 am said:

    I could get a tan if I wanted… but I think I like my skin fair more. ^^ To be honest, the whole tanning stuff in our era has always seemed like something purely related to fashion, and nothing more. The very light tan I get from just being naturally out (yeah, well, it’s not good if I stay inside all year long either) is way enough for me. Besides, when I’m 40, I’ll still look like I’m 35, and not 10 years older. :p

  25. I’m trying to figure out why I have twice the amount of freckles on my face as I usually have :confused:

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