Cramping My Style

So, the “procedure” I had was an IUD called Mirena and I can tell you right now I don’t think I ever want to have kids.  If labor hurts more than the cramping I went through then I’m all set.

Let’s just say I had to get dilated and it hurt like a mutha fucker.  I’m still in pain.

Sorry if I’m not around much today on other blogs, I really need to rest.

  1. stephanie

    May 3, 2007 at 3:33 pm

    Owie! Having a kid is having to get dialated… so you’re all set!

    Also, the IUD is awesome! (I got one put in after I had my second kid.)

    So it’s worth the pain to put it in not to have to take a pill every day, or worry about that nasty diaphragm thingy!

    Take some advil, have some tea – you’ll be fine in no time!

  2. Robin

    May 3, 2007 at 3:36 pm

    I wish Erik were here to wait on me hand and foot 🙁

    I hope this all works out well, because I’ve never had a kid before it might not end up working out for me all that well. It might be too uncomfortable and it might not stay in the same spot.

    What I do for dick.

  3. Gemini

    May 3, 2007 at 3:44 pm

    What I do for dick.

    :lmfao: that just struck me really funny….

    I hope that you start to feel better…


  4. Robin

    May 3, 2007 at 3:45 pm

    Popsicles help 😀

  5. Avitable

    May 3, 2007 at 5:49 pm

    What I do for dick.

    :robin: :lmfao: :lmao:

    Such a trooper!

  6. stephanie

    May 3, 2007 at 6:09 pm

    I really hope it works for you – cause it makes things a whole heck of a lot easier!!!


  7. Geeky Dragon Girl

    May 3, 2007 at 6:39 pm

    After my sister was born, my parents decided they were done. So my dad got a vasectomy. See, the trick is to make him go through the pain, not yourself. Or be a lesbian. Works for me!

  8. Robin

    May 3, 2007 at 7:12 pm

    Avi – That’s me, he’s bringing me naughty food home to cheer me up :robin:

    Stephanie – Here’s hoping!!

    GDG – I’m not sure he’d do it and I’m not quite ready to cut off ANY possibility ever, ya know? He is feeling really guilty now, that’s fun 😉 Lesbianism is my next option if this doesn’t work.

  9. Avitable

    May 3, 2007 at 7:58 pm

    What is naughty food? Penis-shaped pasta? Spotted Dick?

  10. DeniseTN

    May 3, 2007 at 8:37 pm

    “Popsicles help”. Um, your cervix is sore…where are sticking those popsicles?

  11. Jen

    May 3, 2007 at 10:27 pm

    There is always an elective c-sections! 😉

  12. Friglet

    May 4, 2007 at 1:05 am

    I never knew getting an IUD hurt, ouch! I hope you’re feeing pain free asap. 🙂

  13. Robin

    May 4, 2007 at 8:01 am

    avi – Well isn’t that what you consider naughty food?

    Denise – I was waiting for someone to make that dirty, you never let me down.

    Jen – True :thumbsup:

    Friglet – Feel better today, drugs help.

  14. Avitable

    May 4, 2007 at 8:15 am

    Yeah. Is that what it was?

  15. themuttprincess

    May 4, 2007 at 11:09 am

    I am all for the IUD. I gave myself that as a gift for my 25th birthday. I know I do not want anymore kids and at 25 they would not fix me. Damn them!!!

  16. Robin

    May 4, 2007 at 11:15 am

    Avi – That or baked ziti.

    TMP – Nice present :thumbsup: I hope it treats me well…time will tell…

  17. themuttprincess

    May 4, 2007 at 5:50 pm

    Robin, I chose the 10 year one–even though they did their damndest to try to sell me the 5 year.. HA! I know I do not want anymore kids… The way I figure it is, that at 35 I can get my self fixed. YAY!

    I bet you will love it. The only odd thing is they will ask you if you have “checked:” it at your next womanly visit. I tell them, uh, no. But they then so kindly explain to me what to feel for and to tug on it or some shit. Anyways in almost 3 years it has not moved a bit.


  18. Robin

    May 4, 2007 at 6:12 pm

    TMP – Yeah they mentioned to check to make sure the string is there in a couple days. They also said he might feel it during sex and I told Erik that if he complains about it I will dilate him :pissed:

  19. Frankie

    May 5, 2007 at 12:53 pm

    So glad your feeling better. I had mine done in 2005 and I could not be happier. No more pills no more mood swings. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself.

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