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0 Thoughts on “Gemini Takes the Cake

  1. oohh a woman that can fight, i like it 😉 :gemini:

  2. I’m gracious. I even tried to stop commenting on the last day just to let her catch up!


  3. Congrats Gemini. Robin, Avitable has an ego? :what: The hell you say.

  4. :gemini: Whoo hoo!

    I am the Champion, I am the Champion….Of the Blog!

    I would like to take a moment to thank you all for your support in this really trying and Competitive contest!

    I would first and foremost like to thank Robin for posting a plethora of interesting and compelling posts for me to comment on…:mryoda:

    I would also like to thank Avitable for giving me the drive to continue to try to out post him. Although you have technically posted more then I did this month You drove me to continue to strive to out post you and I thank you for this! :ohgreatone:

    I would like to thank Heather B, Watchdog, and Mr. Fab for adding many amusing comments that helped me think of funny and clever things to post about… :rock:

    I would also Like to thank the Academy for Supporting me through-out my career…. Oh oops sorry wrong speech!

    Anyway thank you soo much for this honor and I love my new smilie :gemini:

    Oh and Just for the record…. The Brittney underwear thing… I only suggested it to her but she didn’t have to go with it… As for Lindsay she will do anything I tell her to do… 😉

  5. Heather B – Yeah, she’s yet to take me down, maybe because she knows I will probably cry 🙁

    Avi – You are such a kind and honorable soul that —- ok I can’t do it…I just can’t :yuck:

    Heather Ann – I swear!

    Gemini – Dah dah dum dada…the music is playing…please make your way off the stage gracefully.

  6. I would try to win, but you’re not offering what I want for a prize…

  7. Damn. I’ve been bested again. Well… at least :avi: didn’t win again. Then we’d need a dump truck to two around his big head. Congrats :gemini: .

    Time for me to get pumped up like Ahnold… :buff:

  8. Whoa. Just remind me occasionally to be REALLY super nice to her. I do not want to be her bitch…….

    Congrats Gemini!!!

  9. Fab – I’m not that cheap and easy…almost but not quite.

    Watchdog – Yeah you are getting creamed…and not in the good way.

    TMP – Seriously, now I know how she keeps her hubby on his toes :whip:

  10. I imagine she does. And probably her friends… Oh my. I have to admit she is just the kinda person I want on MY side……

  11. LOl you guys are too funny!

    that would only be the evil Gemini 👿 and she rarely comes out to play…

    she only comes out when she is needed…. :eyebrow:

  12. She can easily knock you down to the ground with one swoop and tie you up with a pair of panty hose…

    Why do I feel all hot and flushed all of a sudden?

  13. Only if your nice GDG… :whip:

  14. Oh I’m a very nice person. Except getting whipped might make me have flashbacks to when I was being punished as a child for something that in my opinion didn’t need such harsh punishment. Waaahhh! I prefer to think about being tied up with pantyhose…

  15. :what: So sorry 🙁
    :hug: there, there GDG I have a nice pair of pantyhose for you….

  16. I’m feeling all hot and flushed again. Just don’t make me wear ’em, k? 😀

  17. I would never make you do that! :what:

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