I’m going to bitch up a storm so hold onto your seats.

First I’d like to bitch about the fucking snow in April! I know I know…it’s New England and that’s what happens. I don’t give a shit!! I nearly twisted my ankle trying to clean off my car this morning and I really thought Spring was on it’s way.

April SnowI really want to bite someone’s head off and all I really got to do was bitch at Erik on the way out of the house and yell at a few people on Route 2. Other than that there is still a lot brewing in me…therefore I will take it out on stuff I have no control over.

Onto my next rant: American Idol. I do not watch the show. I’ve watched a little bit here and there but it pisses me off too much to ever really get into it. Do you want to know why? Well…I’m going to tell you anyway :tongue:

First I want to say that I think a lot of people have forgotten exactly what a “pop star” is and mind you this is what these contestants are vying for. A “pop star” is someone who’s cute, marketable and has a voice that can be suitably altered in the studio to sound mildly decent on the radio. There I said it.

Now I know there is this one girl who’s got an amazing voice and that’s what everyone keeps talking about. IT DOESN’T MATTER! People are voting for an image and that’s why Britney and Lindsay sell records. Can they sing? Not particularly. Do they have an image…yeah and that’s about it.

I just might anger a few people now to say that I hope the little froofie hair guy wins because it would prove what a joke this show is. There…I said it. Now you can all throw things at me…preferably bagels because I’m in an awful bad mood and bagels tend to briefly help.

I’m actually considering watching the end of the voting show every week so I can vote for the hair chameleon…just because I would truly enjoy seeing all of American lose their minds over this.

0 Thoughts on “This Is Me In A Bad Mood

  1. Hair chameleon: best description ever!


  2. It’s snowing here too. I’m bummed.

    But hey! Your page looks amazing!!! Very pretty!

  3. This cold snap SUCKS! I’m with you.

    And quite frankly, I’m pissed at Howard Stern for the whole play on Sanjaya thing. That chick that got the boot lastnight had some great chords, and I really hope she succeeds regardless of how stupid the whole voting set up is on AI.

  4. OMG! How am I you? I’m logged in as me! EEK! Help!


  5. Checking to see if I’m me again.

  6. I don’t watch A.I., so I can’t comment on the whole Sanjya thing, except to say I think he’s pretty creepy looking.

    As for New England right now?

    Brrr!! :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold:

    And that makes me MAD!

    :pissed: :pissed: :pissed: :pissed: :pissed: :pissed: :pissed: :pissed: :pissed: :pissed: :pissed: :pissed:

  7. Oh, Robin – you might be interested in a little endeavor that Allison is totally into right now, too – with regards to Sanjaya & the whole idiocy that is American Idol… It’s at http://www.votefortheworst.com/ I don’t watch a lot of TV in general, let alone American Idol, but from what Allison tells me about vftw, I’m pretty sure that they are why Sanjaya is still on the show 😉

  8. Leanne – Looks good :thumbsup:

    Stephanie – I wish I could kick New England in the nuts.

    Maureen – Yeah I know about that, maybe I’ll start following the blog.

  9. OMFG I hate Massachusetts right now. Just when it all melted off and got warm here we are covered in Ice and snow again. Fuckers. :crazy:

  10. wow what happened to the rest of my comment? :eyebrow:

  11. It’s cold here and that pisses me off. I’m tired of my nipples being erect all day. Damn.:cold:

    Screw AI. I hate that damn show. :banghead:

  12. Frankie – Massachusetts is a big ol tease. Did part of your comment disappear?

    Denise – Today is just kind of a sucky day all around.

  13. So when my mom stops watching American Idol because of the “hair chameleon”… I’m putting her on the phone with YOU to ask how YOUR sex life is.

    Yep…. that’s what I’m going to do. :clap:

  14. Ha yeah it ate my bitching about AI. Damn internet gremlins! :tongue:

  15. WD – Oh you do that…bring it on :whosnext:

  16. That wasn’t really a storm, but I did get wet.

  17. Frankie – It’s a FOX conspiracy :annoyed:

    Mr. Fab – What you and the misses does in your free time is your business.

  18. I bet it is. Those bastards not only cancel good shows but now they got your blog in their slimly little paws. :what:

  19. Frankie, are you insinuating that Robin has sold out to Fox??? :crazy:

  20. WD Not at all. I’m just saying they are evil and deleting my comment about A.I. :pissed:

  21. I’m appalled! I would only sell out to ABC and that’s only because I will do anything to keep October Road on television.

  22. Well that’s good… otherwise you may end up on the new FOX show… “When Massachusetts Bloggers Attack”… or something.

  23. “When Massachusetts Bloggers Attack” 👿 👿 👿 :angel:

  24. I need to be part of that group too!!! 👿 👿 :pissed: :pissed:


  25. We got snow here too although it seems to be melting as fast as it’s faling! :clap:

    AI this year is a travesty. Every week that I hear that Sanjaya was NOT eliminated, I vomit in my mouth a bit.

  26. I’m grumpy and it’s the weather’s fault. Don’t feel like doing anything. Tired of being cold. Didn’t want to have to look for my jacket this a.m. Grrrrrrrrrr. :cold:

    Fun pic, though.

  27. WD – I love that I’m not a female anymore…I’m just a blogger :doh:

    Frankie – We are quite the gang.

    – Of course!!

    Jen – Luckily it has melted a lot…

    Tara – Yeah, I am glad though the sun is out…it helps.

  28. It’s getting fricken cold here but no snow 😛

    As for AI, well I just got into sorta watching that show this year and I swear that kid can’t sing to save his life but yet little girls are crying over him and he’s still moving on because they are voting for him..unreal. I think that if he does win Simon will hold true to what he says and stop doing AI because that is a joke. He will NOT get a record deal.

  29. I cant believe that that kid is still on the show seriously…Gina was way better then him… :yuck:

    This gives me another reason to HATE Howard Stern. :annoyed:

    It isn’t just about the joke that the show is or he thinks it is but he is messing with the chances of people that do have a lot of talent. They are not going to be able to get to the end because Howard Stern and his Band of losers are messing with the votes…

    I think that they need to limit the amount of times that they alow anyone to vote for someone. They said on Access Hollywood that one person voted for him 100 times. :banghead:

    someone has to much time on his hands! :annoyed:

  30. No comment on the whole AI / Sanjaya thing lol

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