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0 Thoughts on “Comment Contest

  1. Jean-Luc – Welcome :wave:

    Denise – Just keep telling yourself that.

    Tori – You have a little ways to go my dear.

    Denise – Nice smilie…it works…fits with the ones I have.

  2. Wow, yet another really cool blog layout (I haven’t been directly to the site in a couple weeks, I’ve just been reading via bloglines). Where did you get this, did you make it yourself?

  3. Thanks! Leanne made it for me…she rocks :rock: I gave her the colors I wanted and the style idea.

  4. Holy crap I miss out on everything. Contest? Here? I’m so in. Now if I can just get the cat off the computer so I can type without having to delete every other word.

  5. I need to get going!!! i am way at the bottom!

    Hmmm I wonder what smilie I would be! :twitchy:

  6. :buff:

    Maybe I’ll be able to come through in the final hours. yeah. That’s it.


  7. Ohhhhhh I have to look at what smiley I want to be.

  8. You’re right, that one totally ROCKS!

  9. I wonder if there is a 2 headed smilie or something like that….like a gemini smilie!!!!! hmmm off to search for one.. hehe

  10. So glad you liked it Mr. Fab. Some reason mine got ate again. Yet it told me I did a double comment so maybe it got spamdunked.

  11. So, it looks like Dawg won?…

    Cheers Dawg!! :martini:

  12. It’s every month, I don’t have the energy to do this contest everyday.

  13. I wish I had won. :unsure: I went to bed all in the lead… and then Denise started SPAMMING AGAIN!!!! I’m a gonna have to work on it :buff: .

  14. I did not SPAM!!!! You’re big dork! :nana:

  15. You could win someday, eventually everyone won’t try so hard and we’ll just see what happens. I had no idea this would make people enjoy coming to my site so much.

  16. Denise, in the very thread, you talked s-l-o-w-l-y… what do you call that????

    Yee a spammer and you know it…

  17. I hope I can win.

    I always lose at everything else… :angel:

  18. Yeah, she was definitely spamming in March, but I still won.

  19. Oh, yeah…I SPAMMED back then, but not lately. Stop being such a bully.

  20. I haven’t been this popular since it leaked out I had a special talent around college :secret:

  21. Oh yeah? Have you lost this talent?

  22. Do tell! What was that special talent? Did it involve flutes?

  23. :avi: – it’s there somewhere…I just haven’t practiced it enough.

    Denise – It did not involve flutes.

  24. Well sheeeit. Maybe I should meander up to Massachusetts.

  25. I bet if you revealed that “special talent” in a video… you would be even MORE popular… like Ebaum’s World popular and stuff.

    Oh…. and Denise spams… but that’s because she likes to be ontop… which normally I don’t have a problem with whatsoever… but in this case… I NEED to be ontop.


    That’s it.

  26. Not for nothing… but that was a lot of comment there. It should count for two.

  27. :eyebrow: does this special talent have to do with Snarf? :whistle:

  28. Don’t be spreading that nickname around…I’ll never hear the end of it :help:

  29. ohh a smilie named after me, although i have not been commenting at all this month it seems

  30. You’ll get in there someday :poke:

  31. :eyebrow: was I right? 👿

  32. Whoo hoo!!! I am now on the top of the list!! hehe

  33. Since I just found ya I have a lot of catching up to do…..

  34. It would be nifty as hell to have a smiley named after me.

  35. I think we would all love that, I need to make one of them me.

  36. It is YOUR blog. I see no reason not to have a smiley that is your clone.

  37. I know, I need to pick one. It has to be from the same family as the ones I have already.

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