So I was thinking of making a contest in regards to the sidebar Top Ten list. Whoever is at the top of the Top Ten list at the end of every month will have an entire post dedicated to them.

In order to use the list to your advantage you need to make sure you always post with the same name (helps to just log in) and make sure you do not have the same name as anyone else. After that all you need to do is comment, a lot. We’ll see how this goes. Lately Mr. Fabulous has been at the top a lot and I don’t know if we all really want a post about him every month, do we? The first post will be April 1st, so let’s do this! Rules:

  1. Comments need to be meaningful and not just a matter of racking up points.
  2. Sucking up will only make me blush and possibly take you off my hit list.
  3. Real constructive comments may give you more leverage but then it may not, I can’t guarantee anything.
  4. If you comment on my blog there is a 95% chance I will comment on yours too and as always with an inspiring comment that will make you question the meaning of life for the rest of the day.
  5. I have the right to change my mind and the rules at any time. Play nice.
  6. You have no choice whatsoever what smilie you get, so be prepared.
  7. You can only win once every 3 months, that way the same person doesn’t win every month — nothing fun about that.

0 Thoughts on “Comment Contest

  1. Jean-Luc – Welcome :wave:

    Denise – Just keep telling yourself that.

    Tori – You have a little ways to go my dear.

    Denise – Nice smilie…it works…fits with the ones I have.

  2. Wow, yet another really cool blog layout (I haven’t been directly to the site in a couple weeks, I’ve just been reading via bloglines). Where did you get this, did you make it yourself?

  3. Thanks! Leanne made it for me…she rocks :rock: I gave her the colors I wanted and the style idea.

  4. Holy crap I miss out on everything. Contest? Here? I’m so in. Now if I can just get the cat off the computer so I can type without having to delete every other word.

  5. I need to get going!!! i am way at the bottom!

    Hmmm I wonder what smilie I would be! :twitchy:

  6. :buff:

    Maybe I’ll be able to come through in the final hours. yeah. That’s it.


  7. Ohhhhhh I have to look at what smiley I want to be.

  8. You’re right, that one totally ROCKS!

  9. I wonder if there is a 2 headed smilie or something like that….like a gemini smilie!!!!! hmmm off to search for one.. hehe

  10. So glad you liked it Mr. Fab. Some reason mine got ate again. Yet it told me I did a double comment so maybe it got spamdunked.

  11. So, it looks like Dawg won?…

    Cheers Dawg!! :martini:

  12. It’s every month, I don’t have the energy to do this contest everyday.

  13. I wish I had won. :unsure: I went to bed all in the lead… and then Denise started SPAMMING AGAIN!!!! I’m a gonna have to work on it :buff: .

  14. I did not SPAM!!!! You’re big dork! :nana:

  15. You could win someday, eventually everyone won’t try so hard and we’ll just see what happens. I had no idea this would make people enjoy coming to my site so much.

  16. Denise, in the very thread, you talked s-l-o-w-l-y… what do you call that????

    Yee a spammer and you know it…

  17. I hope I can win.

    I always lose at everything else… :angel:

  18. Yeah, she was definitely spamming in March, but I still won.

  19. Oh, yeah…I SPAMMED back then, but not lately. Stop being such a bully.

  20. I haven’t been this popular since it leaked out I had a special talent around college :secret:

  21. Oh yeah? Have you lost this talent?

  22. Do tell! What was that special talent? Did it involve flutes?

  23. :avi: – it’s there somewhere…I just haven’t practiced it enough.

    Denise – It did not involve flutes.

  24. Well sheeeit. Maybe I should meander up to Massachusetts.

  25. I bet if you revealed that “special talent” in a video… you would be even MORE popular… like Ebaum’s World popular and stuff.

    Oh…. and Denise spams… but that’s because she likes to be ontop… which normally I don’t have a problem with whatsoever… but in this case… I NEED to be ontop.


    That’s it.

  26. Not for nothing… but that was a lot of comment there. It should count for two.

  27. :eyebrow: does this special talent have to do with Snarf? :whistle:

  28. Don’t be spreading that nickname around…I’ll never hear the end of it :help:

  29. ohh a smilie named after me, although i have not been commenting at all this month it seems

  30. You’ll get in there someday :poke:

  31. :eyebrow: was I right? 👿

  32. Whoo hoo!!! I am now on the top of the list!! hehe

  33. Since I just found ya I have a lot of catching up to do…..

  34. It would be nifty as hell to have a smiley named after me.

  35. I think we would all love that, I need to make one of them me.

  36. It is YOUR blog. I see no reason not to have a smiley that is your clone.

  37. I know, I need to pick one. It has to be from the same family as the ones I have already.

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