On October Road last week the little boy lip synced the song Amanda by Boston to a little girl by the same name.  It was so sweet and made me sad that there isn’t a song by the name of Robin.  Ok, there is Rockin Robin but that really isn’t quite the same.

Why don’t parents think of these things when naming their children??

0 Thoughts on “I Want A Song Too!

  1. You could always change your name. Maybe “Kyrie” or “Roxanne”.

  2. Or Sarah or Crazy Bitch.

  3. You should totally change your name to Sharona. I love that song.

  4. Now that’s an idea.

  5. I’m serious! I have never met anyone named Sharona. Do you see how cool that could be? You would be a LEGEND!

  6. Actually I wouldn’t want to be named Roxanne. I like the name, but the song… well, “You don’t have to put on the red light” kinda says it all.

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