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0 Thoughts on “Titles Are the Hardest Part

  1. I have fewer boundaries? I love “Where tact goes to die”. That is awesome. I might have to use that sometime.

    I’d ask interesting questions if you did a Q&A thing. I think that people just rarely venture off of the main page, so that’s probably by they don’t use the FAQ page. I didn’t even know about it.

  2. When are you going for your Make over? what are you going to do?

    As for Questions I love you more then I do Avitable but I can just ask you questions when I talk to you?

    sorry :dance:

  3. I would say I love you and Avi equally.

  4. Avi – but that’s what I love about ya :kiss:

    Gemini – Well yeah that’s a given but the questions don’t have to be personal.

    Mr. Fab – Well that’s good to know.

  5. Nothing bad about the L word turning you on…. it turns me on…but im still in the middle of watching season 1 🙂

  6. I have a question if you play Avi’s game.

    Have you ever thought about keeping the wedding details private (or at least semi-private) so that the crazy ex doesn’t try to sabotage the event.

    I’d hate to see your special day ruined.

  7. I would totally ask you questions. Like why am I stuck with “Cereal Blogger” and Avi has the cooler “Where Tact Goes To Die”? Why can’t I have, “Protector of your Intestinal Tract through Cereal Bloggin” or “Need satisfaction? Get it Doggy Style!” or “Got Milk? Get Cereal.” or “NYCWD… 1,000,000 served… recipient of Denise’s seal of satisfaction.”

    Just sayin.

  8. Heather B – Then I’ll keep my mouth shut.

    Denise – I really don’t have anything to hide.

    Watchdog – I like those. If it makes you feel any better I may love cereal more than life itself.

  9. She does love me better, WD. I’m sorry.

  10. It is painfully obvious.

    Oh whoa is me when even the Jedi turns against me!!!

    Oh… and I am TOTALLY for a weekly series of Pilot getting catnip. Just wanted to through that out there… you know… for entertainment purposes.

  11. I love you both equally…although Watchdog has tempted me several times with his cereal posts…making my mouth water and licking my lips.

  12. I haven’t tempted you with my lava-hot milkshake dance video?

  13. I bet no one loves me. I’m yesterday’s news…

  14. Everybody loves a blogwhore!

  15. The problem with the milkshake dance is that it brings all the BOYS to the yard… not that I’m comlaining…

  16. Watchdog does have a point although I am a big fan of malt.

    Mr. Fab – There is nobody I’d rather be locked up in a mental institution than you :twitchy:

  17. I’ll take that.

  18. I’m all for makeovers. Helps boost the spirit. I need one meself. The hair. Oh, the hair. Ugh. Have FUN.

    And YAY for venue selection! Woot!

  19. It’s not a makeover for me personally…

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